Judging the good and bad of live streaming with goods the feelings of users

Whether it’s live streaming, or carrying goods, the essence is a traffic sale. We do not just stop at the issue of live goods, but we need to think about the meaning of live goods from a more far-reaching perspective. In my opinion, the so-called live with goods, the focus is neither live nor with goods. Only when you really get out of the ties of live and goods, live with goods can go more long-term.

Live with goods is only the beginning, the user’s feelings after receiving the goods is the key. Today, people have a serious misunderstanding of live goods, that is, they are only concerned about the live e-commerce itself, how many goods can be brought, how much traffic. Although this phenomenon can not be faulted, but, if we just live with all the goods are seen as the goods itself, then, the so-called live with goods are actually from the essence of the traffic is only a sale. In essence, live with goods is only the beginning, the user receives the goods after the feeling and experience is the real test of live with the key.

If we just look at live goods as a new way of product display, ignoring the connection between live goods and the upstream and downstream processes and links of e-commerce, then we can almost conclude that live goods will become a hasty passerby like the previous pictures and short videos. Therefore, we can’t just focus on live streaming itself, but should pay more attention to the changes of the supply and demand sides of the upstream and downstream of live streaming, only in this way can live streaming become a bridge and link to the whole industry chain, and no longer just a channel to sell goods.

Judging the good and bad of live with goods should be judged from the user’s reaction after receiving the goods. If the user’s reaction after receiving the goods is good, then, live with goods is considered to meet his consumption needs; if the user’s reaction after receiving the goods is bad, then, live with goods does not really meet his consumption needs. With the user’s reaction after receiving the goods as the upstream production chain of reference and reference, we can really be able to live with the role of goods to the maximum, live with goods is no longer live with goods itself.

The key to live with goods is not who the anchor is, but how the product. When it comes to live goods, we focus on how much traffic the anchor itself has, the temperament of the anchor, the visibility of the anchor, and many other elements related to the anchor itself. In fact, the key to live streaming is not just the anchor itself, but the products behind the anchor, because users do not place orders to buy the anchor, but the products recommended to them by the anchor. Although the live goods can bring traffic, but we still have to see the product and service as the root. Only in this way can live-streaming with goods really find its own positioning, and not an all-rounder.

The key to live-streaming with goods lies in the detonation between the anchor and the product, rather than the consumption of the anchor’s own IP. The reason why people are concerned about Luo Yong hao’s live debut is that many people are concerned about Luo Yong hao’s hammer phone, e-cigarettes, and even earlier Luo Yong hao’s first generation of netroots halo. From another point of view, Luo Yong hao’s live broadcast itself is consuming the popularity he accumulated in the past. Once one day, Luo Yong hao’s popularity is consumed, his live broadcast may no longer have appeal.

The real sense of live goods is not just to consume the IP of the anchor itself, but to find the trigger point between the anchor and the product. Only in this way, live goods can really say goodbye to the label of Netflix and really enter the track of the development of mutual coordination between goods and IP. From the reflection of Luo Yong hao’s first live broadcast, many people will pay attention and buy, mostly because they focus on Luo Yong hao itself, and the product itself has few qualities, and there is no detonation between Luo Yong hao and the product as well.

When Luo Yong hao’s live with goods just stay in Luo Yong hao itself, in fact, this live is not live with goods, but a marketing and publicity. As a means of marketing and publicity, it is about how to quickly detonate, how to make more people understand. From this point of view, the real winner of Luo Yong hao live with goods is not Luo Yong hao and business, but Jieyin live platform. This is perhaps the fundamental reason why many people say they left the first time they watched Jitterbug live to Luo Yong hao.

When Luo Yong hao announced that he would enter the live goods, many people thought he had really found the right direction in life this time, and the popularity of live goods and the qualities of his own segment player were released to the greatest extent in the body of Luo Yong hao alone. So, many people began to expect that Luo Yong hao will become a live with goods net red like Vea, Li Jiaqi, and there are even people shouting out the name “live with goods a brother”.

In fact, this blind pursuit of Luo Yong hao is not a promotion for him, but may be a hype. This is actually the same scenario as when he made the hammer phone, bullet SMS and e-cigarette. Once Luo Yong hao’s label is consumed, the ensuing is the collective backlash. Therefore, we absolutely can not live with Luo Yong hao live goods stay on the “live”, but should think more about the factors outside the “live”.

When people pay attention to Luo Yong hao live with goods, is no longer focused on Luo Yong hao itself, but on the “goods” brought by Luo Yong hao, Luo Yong hao’s live with goods is really on the right path. Imagine, if one day we go to pay attention to Luo Yong hao’s live, no longer for the sake of a certain sentiment, no longer for the sake of the eye, but want to buy the products they need through Luo Yong hao’s live with goods, perhaps, Luo Yong hao’s live with goods is considered to have jumped out of the strange circle that he had limited himself to in the past, but really found a new role for people outside of his solidified label.

At this time, Luo Yong hao may no longer be that Luo Yong hao, but really found the best combination of sentiment and business. At this time, Luo Yong hao will not just be a comedian, but a businessman in the true sense of the word. Therefore, Luo Yong hao’s live with goods is not really live with goods in the real sense. At least from the first scene, it is not.

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