The core value of live streaming with goods, is it live or with goods?

Let me ask you a question: is the core value of live-streaming or bringing goods? –It seems that this is a topic we tend to ignore. What we can always see is the dazzle of Veya and Li Jiaqi in the spotlight; the hot topics created in the live broadcast room all the time; the user traffic that is jumping every minute; the sales orders from tens of thousands to millions, as well as Mr. Luo’s lame PowerPoint and the bald head with thinning hair.

Here’s a note: Although I flirt with Mr. Luo for a laugh, I personally have immense respect for him. The world is not short of mediocre ordinary people, not to mention the use of social resources to earn a lot of smart people, what is missing is often to adhere to the dream of the demented – is their existence so that the world is full of heroic colors, and the romance of the cloud poets. I believe that Mr. Luo outside a see this article will not hate me, if he hates me, I will say that this article is a hostile opponent let me write the black draft, in earn him a sum of money.

Back to our topic: the core value of live with goods, in the end is live or with goods? Here we have to learn the advanced foreign business dismantling method, in fact, live with goods can be roughly divided into four parts.

I. The four parts of live with goods.

Supply chain selection. Supply chain selection is the most important part of the live with goods, note that here I used the word “most”. The johns who have read my previous articles know that the natural properties of live goods tell us that low price, high frequency, high premium products to eat in the field of live goods. Live selling cars, airplanes, computers, cell phones and so on that really take money to the water, in addition to a little brand effect do not expect a good degree of sales. Some people say that the old Luo also time and again to sell Xiaomi cell phone that, that is Mr. Luo owes Xiaomi dad money that, Xiaomi and can not let Mr. Luo start a business to pay off the debt (Mr. Luo is the entrepreneurial world of the ICAC, what do what yellow). In the supply chain selection of this link, in fact, is the two or eight principle of the watershed. The anchor has a very strong bargaining power, often reported a hundred goods, the studio through product quality, product price, product use frequency, whether or not to meet the anchor tone, and so many indicators finally selected goods – this is similar to a funnel, stay are relatively good quality and cheap goods.

This also ensures that the personal IP of the anchor is not affected, knowing that the fans are the life of the anchor and not the manufacturer. The high quality fan users, who are waiting to be fed, come in the specified time, with the mindset of taking advantage of the bargains in the live room; the stunning anchors are pushing hard in front of the screen, but in fact only the manufacturers know in their hearts that it is a waste of work. That the remaining 80% of the anchor is no premium space, can receive work is not bad, let you sell what to sell what to have, also did not expect you to have sales, to say a vernacular mixed mouth to eat. See high quality and low price products to pry the flow of leverage and fan purchasing power. What is the most important thing in this? In fact, it is a low price high quality products.

Scheduling on the pit. Pit scheduling this is well understood, in fact: the order of selling goods. But it is not simple, large to the core of competitive products gradually increase, small to the details of each product description are quite elaborate. The general ranking is the start of explosive products to attract traffic; the middle of a small climax to promote sales; the end of a few products to a perfect finish. Which ranking is quite scientific and rich in human speculation (they are somehow psychologists).

Official live sales. Small businessman Wang Mou was pulled into the investment group, the group of 100 people, 99 are TO, cheating is his a person – the official live sales during the absolute classic gang operation. Live pre-streaming: live activities to warm up, hit the platform to try to get traffic tilt, research platform traffic distribution operation rules, please strong star IP growth hot traffic, etc. Live broadcast in the middle: live during the play of a variety of terriers, interactive links set, when necessary, the rhythm of the water army, brush purchase volume, create the illusion of hot sales, etc. Live broadcast later: the next event preview, leaving some mystery to attract fans to participate in the next event, leaving the fan base to establish their own private domain traffic pool to facilitate secondary reach, etc.

Sales statistics and after-sales. In addition to the sale of the product itself, the responsible platform should also take stock of the actual sales volume? How many of them were purchased by their own people, and how many of them were returned within seven days for no reason? How many complaints? How much actual profit is there? We Internet people call this thing an effective review. Here we should pay attention to one thing: because of the product attributes of live carry, the quality of the product directly responds to the return rate – your return rate exceeds fifty percent more than manufacturers quit, your team can not carry, the next day the whole industry knows that you are brushing up on the purchase, the pit fee will be greatly reduced.

We summarize the four links of the live carry:

Supply chain selection – scheduling on the pit – formal live sales – sales statistics and after-sales. Among them, the supply chain of “selection” + “sales and after-sales” these two links are strongly dependent on the product type, the product is good or bad to determine whether these two links can do well enough. To put it plainly, are users running to the high popularity anchor? Possibly yes, but the core purchasing power relies on high quality and low priced quality goods, and the goodness of the goods determines whether the anchor’s popularity can be maintained for a long time. The two links of scheduling on the pit + formal live sales are strong operational type, professional team and understanding of the rules of the platform determines whether the preliminary publicity is in place enough to attract more users to watch and buy.

Live with the real value of the goods, then live with the goods and value?

Live with goods certainly has value, in my opinion its existence is similar to the e-commerce platform’s annual Double Eleven shopping festival: users come from all directions, anxiously waiting with cheap goods, setting off waves of purchase climax. It is not difficult to predict that this year’s Double Eleven shopping festival will be highly integrated with live selling of goods, fueling the shopping frenzy. At this moment, live selling has become an efficient marketing content distribution platform. Here are two words are extremely important, one is content, one is distribution. Through the above analysis we can easily determine the following conclusions:

Product is the lifeline of live with goods: high-quality, low-priced products to allow users to stay, high retention rate to make live with goods IP long operation.

Content production will become the core competitiveness in the field of live banding: the more refined the content, the stronger the ability to attract users to stay.

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