Civil aviation service under the condition of Internet+ service

The biggest feature of the Internet is “interconnection”, which breaks the traditional concept of time and space. This is not only a challenge for civil aviation services, but also an opportunity for civil aviation colleagues to grasp the situation with wisdom and consideration, that is, to build a modern airport “true service” system with the help of the Internet + service.Under the condition of Internet + service, civil aviation service needs to change the traditional concept. Meeting the needs of passengers is always the goal of service pursuit. It should be pointed out that this pursuit must keep pace with the times, and we need to change the traditional concept, abandon the traditional way of guessing to seek the needs of passengers, but should make full use of big data and the Internet to capture the needs and changes of passengers, and put the landing point of the true service on the new needs of passengers, to achieve this goal, three concepts need to move forward.

One of them is to establish the concept that users are more important than customers. In the past service process our eyes have always been on the passengers, which is not wrong. But in the Internet + services under the conditions of the market revolutionary changes, the user has become our preferred target, no user is no customer, maintaining the user is far more important and relevant than maintaining customers. This is the inevitable result of the development of the Internet, the face of this result, we need to review the situation, but also need to change the concept, the need to establish as soon as possible before the user has the concept of customers. At present, the first and foremost thing is that we should make full use of our wifi or public number to absorb passengers and connect with them seamlessly, and more importantly, this link is a huge data mine! It is the wealth of the civil aviation industry! Unfortunately, the civil aviation industry is insensitive to the cognition of “users”, far less than enterprises outside the industry, and some small hotels in the society have more cognition than us. “Users” into customers! The wifi of many companies in civil aviation, not to mention automatic push, is that passengers want to link are very “painful”, the operation is extremely cumbersome, need to enter the flight or name, cell phone number, etc., but also need to verify the code, there is a verification code, but also need to enter, so easy to link on the network speed is very slow, the passenger experience is extremely bad. Some passengers simply do not use our wifi with their own traffic, resulting in our loss of passenger information resources. This is very sad and a great pity. These shortcomings of the civil aviation industry need us to improve quickly, otherwise we can’t realize the Internet + service, moreover, we can’t meet the needs of passengers in the Internet conditions.

Second, to establish the concept of civil aviation service measures to move forward to build a modern airport “true service” system is not an empty phrase. Realistically speaking, some of the current civil aviation service regulations, procedures, and even norms seem to be out of date, and under the conditions of Internet + services, civil aviation services need to keep pace with the times, and we should do several prerequisites of awareness, ① information technology should be forward. We should make full use of the existing Internet information technology to mine the data of passengers, find the market and analyze the needs of passengers from the data, and lead the service with information technology. ②The process and measures of service should be forward. In order to make the service more targeted, we need to abandon the traditional service concept at the same time on the basis of making full use of data analysis, the service of various rules and regulations and service measures forward, that is, to develop a variety of plans before the future arrival of passengers. ③ Information service should be moved forward. Make full use of big data and Internet information technology to provide various information services before passengers arrive, and open up various convenient channels to share information services with passengers so that information services become an important part of services.

Internet+ service subverts the traditional service mode of civil aviation, which requires scientific service mode to achieve “true service”. The traditional service mode is face-to-face service mode, which seems to be unable to serve the passengers without the service personnel. But under the condition of big data internet+service, this service mode is overturned.

One, the subversion of service mode. The Internet has overturned the traditional face-to-face interpersonal interaction, so that people no longer interact with each other by the constraints of space and time, this revolutionary change has changed the traditional way of civil aviation services. It is no longer the traditional one-to-one face-to-face service. Instead, it makes full use of Internet+ service to serve passengers. In terms of time, civil aviation service can use the Internet to provide various service information all the time to facilitate passengers to obtain and select information; in terms of space, it can break through the past face-to-face manual way of service and make full use of the Internet microblogging, WeChat, video and other ways to interact with passengers and services. Let passengers have a better service experience. For example, some airports use video to communicate with parents in real time for unaccompanied children, which is praised by passengers. Although there is progress in this area, there is still room for further development.

Second, the disruption of service content. Under the condition of Internet+ service, the connotation of civil aviation service can be scientificized, so that civil aviation service can really have temperature and depth. Most of the traditional service content is based on the demand of passengers, and this service should be said to be low-level. When Internet+ service becomes the cornerstone of civil aviation service, the content of civil aviation service will be changed drastically. It can make full use of big data and Internet to find the needs of passengers and make the service content scientific and targeted, so that it can really predict the needs of passengers before they arrive, meet the needs of passengers before they ask, personalized service before they do not think, and humanized service before they do. The personalized service is done before the passengers think about it, and the humanized service is done before the passengers’ joy.

Third, the Internet + civil aviation service extends. Due to the existence of the Internet, the product of civil aviation service is no longer a simple displacement service from point A to point B. Civil aviation service should be 360 degrees, and it injects many service extensions, such as food, accommodation, travel and so on for the passengers, and the service with breadth will become another major feature of civil aviation service.

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