The “Internet + traffic” to solve the traffic “pain points”

With the extraordinary development of the city, traffic management, traffic congestion, traffic accident rescue, environmental pollution, energy shortage and other issues have become an urgent problem to crack. As a guarantee for the normal operation of the city, the transportation system needs more and more to improve its operation mode through Internet thinking. “Internet+transportation” is the best way to solve the “pain points” of urban transportation by using Internet technology.

With the help of new information and communication technologies such as mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data and Internet of Things, “Internet+Transportation” perfectly integrates the Internet industry with the traditional transportation industry to form a new pattern of “rational allocation of resources online and efficient and high-quality operation offline”. To meet the needs of more convenient travel, more humane services and more scientific decision-making, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of transportation from traditional industries to modern service industries.

“Internet+Transportation” fully optimizes the network between people, vehicles and roads, improves the intensity of information collection, volume of collection and information processing, transmits the information obtained to the demander through various channels, improves the strain of the whole transportation system and individual travel, and makes transportation more intelligent, fine and human.

“Internet+Transportation” takes “Internet+Convenient Transportation” as an entry point to promote the development of intelligent transportation. The “Internet+convenient transportation” is the deep integration of the innovative achievements of the Internet with the transportation industry, realizing efficient and accurate matching of information between supply and demand, forming transportation services with the Internet as the information infrastructure and innovative elements, bringing the public a full range of travel convenience and network rental cars, Internet buses, Internet parking, Internet car repair and other new businesses, Internet car repair and other new industries, as well as network ticketing, traffic card, travel navigation and other diversified personalized and customized quality services. Intelligent transportation focuses on the comprehensive application of advanced technology methods in the transportation system, optimizing the management of the comprehensive transportation system, promoting efficiency improvement, and supporting safety and green development. “Internet + convenient transportation” and intelligent transportation have similarities.

Intelligent transportation can improve the planning, reliability and safety of people’s travel. Intelligent transportation system will be advanced information technology, communication technology, sensor technology, satellite navigation and positioning technology, electronic control technology and computer processing technology and other effective integrated use of the entire transport management system, the establishment of a wide range, all-round role, real-time, accurate, efficient integrated transport and management system, so that people, vehicles, roads closely with the harmonious unity, play a synergistic effect, greatly improving transport efficiency, to ensure that the transport efficiency, to protect the traffic. It will greatly improve transportation efficiency, ensure transportation safety, improve transportation environment and increase energy efficiency.

“Internet+Transportation” will promote the development of green, convenient, efficient and economic public transportation, improve the service level of public transportation system by means of intelligent transportation technology, and guide the transformation of urban residents’ travel mode; improve the level of road traffic management by means of intelligent transportation technology, and improve the comprehensive utilization efficiency of urban road system; optimize regional Traffic organization, advanced traffic management means such as advanced traffic signal system, traffic guidance system, traffic violation automatic consideration system, etc. to reduce intersection delays and queues, ensure smooth roads, and standardize parking lot management and other key aspects.

With the rapid development and application of new information and communication technologies such as mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and the gradual maturation of automation and other technologies, new traffic patterns and new models are emerging, the original intelligent transportation system can no longer adapt to the new situation and needs to be updated and improved. In the face of the rapidly growing massive data, it is necessary to provide powerful storage capacity, fast computing capacity and scientific analysis capacity with the help of cloud computing, big data and other technologies, so that the system can simulate the real world and predict and judge better, and can quickly and accurately extract high-value information from the massive data, and significantly improve the foresight, initiative, timeliness, synergy and rationality of traffic management. Through various types of sensors, mobile terminals or electronic tags, the information system perceives the external environment more richly and carefully, providing unlimited possibilities for mutual recognition and intelligent control among people, vehicles, roads, goods and the whole system.

The ultimate goal of the future city traffic is to create “city traffic brain” and manage the city traffic with artificial intelligence – all people, vehicles and road information are connected to the system, and the collection, scheduling and management are all done by the “city traffic brain “command to complete: the city vehicles are basically unmanned; traffic management system is basically unmanned operation, people do not feel its existence, just like the existence of congestion. With such a “brain”, the future of the city’s travel efficiency and road safety will be greatly improved.

Facing the problems of traffic congestion and environmental pollution faced by China’s urbanization process, and taking into account the development situation of China’s new economic normal, we will focus on promoting the construction of new infrastructure, healthy development and institutional protection of “Internet +” intelligent transportation. In the industry, the “Internet +” intelligent transportation technical standards, safety standards, service integration standards and application standards, the construction of the government, the market, the community to participate in the industrial ecosystem. In terms of policy, the establishment of key areas of “Internet +” intelligent transportation policies and regulations as soon as possible.

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