How to long live with goods?

I often hear people around me complain that the goods they buy are not as amazing as the ones recommended by the anchor in the live broadcast, and many goods are far from their own needs. This is actually telling us that the so-called live with goods is not the existence of the anchor as the core, but a product as the core of the existence, only to really use the product to win the user, can really make live with goods between the anchor and the product to find a balance.

This balance is the reciprocity between the anchor’s recommendation and the quality of the product itself, not just focus on the anchor’s recommendation, but ignore the quality of the product itself. Therefore, the key to live goods is not the anchor itself, but the anchor’s recommendation of the product itself. Only from the product to measure and judge the good and bad live with goods, live with goods can jump out of the dependence on the anchor, really back to the product itself, live with goods is not a traffic sale, but a product-led existence.

Live with goods should be more to influence and change the upstream producers, rather than users. At the moment, live with goods is actually through the anchor’s recommendation to convince users to buy, the real change of the user. In fact, this greatly underestimates the nature and significance of live-streaming with goods. Because live with goods really need to change not only the user itself, but should go to change the upstream business, or even the upstream manufacturers. What the anchor really needs to do is to show the goods to the user intact, not to change the user’s original perception of the product, so that the user orders to buy.

At this time, the live broadcast with goods is more of a feedback to the upstream producers of user needs, so that the upstream producers to reduce the design and production costs of goods, to improve their production efficiency of the problem. Positioning live goods as a tool and means to empower the B side, rather than positioning it as a tool and means to harvest the C side. Only in this way can live streaming really find its own positioning, and its development will no longer be so dependent on traffic, but can find more new roles and new positioning.

For live with goods, this development is really can go long term development. If you just look at live goods as the sale of goods itself, but ignore the upstream production and supply chain are transformed, the so-called live actually and pictures, short video as no difference. Only with the real change of upstream production and supply to position live with goods, live with goods can jump out of the strange circle of traffic and find a more long-term development path of their own.

The meditation under the noise: how to live with goods for a long time?

The constant ramping up of live streaming has started to give the whole market a false impression of it. The existence of this illusion eventually brought live goods into a dead end with traffic as the ultimate pursuit. In the context of the traffic dividend has peaked, live goods still take traffic as the ultimate pursuit, it is difficult to really let it have a long development. Thinking about the more long-term development path of live goods, become a key.

First, take the product as the core. The key to live goods is “goods”, and only by truly taking products as the core can its development really jump out of the dependence on traffic and enter a brand new stage of development. The so-called product as the core is not just to strengthen the requirements of the selection, but should pay more attention to the design, production and supply of the product itself. Only when the essence of the product itself is really changed and the product is really used to impress people, the live band will not be a discount promotion place for outdated products, but will become a showcase for new products.

At this time, the problem and drawbacks of unequal supply and demand that plague the industry can be solved essentially. The live broadcast is not a traffic harvesting tool, but a real interface between user demand and product supply. Even if one day, the traffic dividend tops, live goods can still get the momentum of development through its own new positioning.

Second, the ultimate pursuit of user experience. Now, the real focus of live goods is whether the goods are sold, not to focus on whether the user’s needs are really met. At this time, live with goods is actually a tool and means of dumping goods. Just positioning live goods at this level is obviously not sustainable. We need to really position the user experience as the ultimate goal in order to make live streaming a brand new existence.

It is only when we really see user experience as the ultimate goal of live goods that we can make live goods jump out of the strange circle of selling goods and really enter into a brand new stage of development. The user experience mentioned here is not just the experience of live broadcast, but the experience of users after they buy goods through live broadcast. Only when the user experience is really regarded as the ultimate goal and pursuit of live goods, live goods can be considered to be truly free from the ties of selling goods and enter into a brand new stage of development.

Third, to new features for their own positioning. Live with goods is not just live with goods, but should have more new functions and positioning. In my opinion, live with goods should actually be more of a tool and means to empower the upstream production chain. Through live streaming, we can understand the real needs of users up close, and by feeding these needs back to upstream producers, we can find ways to reduce the design and production costs of goods and contribute to the improvement of industrial efficiency.

So, really position live with new functions, not just live with the goods limited to live with the goods itself, the so-called live with the goods to get new development. And the function of live goods transfer from harvesting users to empowering the upstream industry, its function and role can be expanded, and its development can really last.

The real problem with live-streaming is that we only see live-streaming as live-streaming itself, which is a mistake. Only by truly bringing live goods to a whole new level can the so-called live goods jump out of people’s fixed impression of it and find a new world of development. At that time, the live broadcast of goods will not be a hasty passerby, but will become long-lasting.

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