How to improve the ability to bring live goods?

The year 2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year because of the new crown virus, which has crippled many industries. But it makes the live broadcast industry enter the fast lane of rapid development. 2020 must be a huge windfall for the live broadcast industry, and the most important year for live broadcast to quickly cash in. Seize the wave of dividends live, for business to personal are so important.

Many people want to get into the live with the goods, this time to get into the live with the goods is not too late! After all, it’s still a bonus period, for now! This dividend period may still have two or three years. The main logic behind this is the transfer of the supply chain. With the successive rise of major live platforms, 5G and the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, “live with goods” marketing model is becoming increasingly popular. A cell phone + an anchor + recommended products, you can live in the circle of friends, Jitterbug, fast hand, entrepreneurial world and other platforms with goods.

In talking about live with goods, first we can talk about Internet marketing, mobile Internet with goods form.

The first kind: is the article with goods, you can implant some links to goods in their own self media articles, to carry goods. The second: micro headlines with goods, through the micro headlines in the form of short text plus pictures to display the goods, to carry goods. The third kind: short video with goods, short video with goods is now a better way to spread the effect, the user can intuitively see the actual product, the details of the product to show, this is also the mainstream with goods way. The fourth: live with goods, with interactive form of goods + scenario-based product marketing, live with goods can be said to be the best channel and way to sell products.

What is the core of live goods? Is it the product? There are too many products on the market, including well-known brand products; is it traffic? There is some truth to it, but it is not the core of live streaming, because the traffic is more, you can not convert, the traffic is not too valuable to you. Is it a personal IP? The core of live streaming with goods is exactly personal IP. then, what is personal IP, the network term, refers to personal possession of a certain result, in the Internet era, it can refer to a symbol, a value, a group of common characteristics, a self-contained traffic content. Everyone is a product, treat yourself as the best product to build in this life. Personal brand is the best moat, once created, it is difficult to be copied. In the era of incremental economy, perhaps the value of personal IP has not been fully demonstrated, but in this era of stock economy, the value of the brand will be revealed.

In such an era of overproduction and balanced supply and demand, we find that there is no shortage of products, but what is the shortest? What is most lacking is fans, users, fans and users with a strong sense of stickiness and trust that can be transformed. In fact, this is the so-called IP with goods, when based on the persona to do live with goods, we will find that some products sell very well, on the contrary, if fans do not trust you, you can not form an influential IP, your ability to bring goods will not be too good, even if the quality of your products is particularly good. Using Internet marketing to sell goods, selling is not the goods, but their own personal influence.

A, improve their own live with goods ability.

So, how to improve their own ability to bring goods live? Distinctive persona positioning. In the early days of live broadcasting, anchors with distinct personas tend to stand out more easily, either funny and humorous, or talented, distinct personas can leave a deep impression on users, and it is easier to increase and retain fans. The right persona positioning should be chosen according to your own interests and preferences. For example, if you are recommending lipstick, you must first clearly understand the color number of the lipstick, what kind of skin tone, clothing or makeup to match. If you are recommending skin care products, you can’t know nothing about skin structure and skin type classification, otherwise you won’t be professional enough when you start broadcasting, and you will easily lose fans.

Scenario-based construction. If you want to sell shoes live, do you think you can sell shoes live in your own room or live in a shoe store; you sell agricultural products, do you think it is better in the field or in your living room at home, the answer is obvious, this is the construction of the scenario, so that users can see more intuitive product effect.

Bring the goods copy. Copywriting is the product advertising, you can attract me, I will buy. For example: fresh big apples; natural pollution-free fresh apples. Do you think that one makes you have the desire to buy? Sometimes the gap in copywriting determines the sales of your product, so we still need to think more on top of the copy and put more effort into it.

Knowledge of the product. If you don’t understand the product, you can’t tell the advantages and unique selling points of the product, it’s hard to influence the fans to make an order decision. In addition to a good understanding of the product, should also have a certain amount of salesmanship. Small talk with fans, heckling and gagging, it is difficult to arouse the interest of the audience. We can use some sales techniques to poke the fans’ pain points and trigger the desire to shop.

Choose the right products. Targeted selection of “pop-up” products, rather than every product in the live show. The choice of explosive products is a good way to increase the goodwill and turnover rate. You can first make a corresponding display of each product, and then select their own think appropriate, will be popular pop products focus on recommendations. For example, combine the current social and current affairs topics that people are concerned about and recommend the corresponding products, so that the sharing fever will be much higher.

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