The Internet era has ushered in a change in the way information is delivered

China was one of the first countries in the world to establish an organized delivery information system. As early as 3,000 years ago in the Shang Dynasty, information transmission was already recorded. Passing by horse was called post, and post transmission was an early organized way of communication. During the Qin and Han dynasties, a whole set of postal system was formed, and postal stations were divided into land, water and combined waterways, and each station was equipped with post houses, post horses, post donkeys, post boats and post fields. In the Song Dynasty, all official documents and correspondence were called “delivery”, which could be divided into three kinds, namely: step delivery, horse delivery and urgent foot delivery. Due to the emperor’s attention and the need of war, military communication in Song Dynasty was very developed.

Through these ways to obtain and transmit information, the ancient people transmitted the road and the post equivalent to our present search information equipment, the people of each post and the people who transmit information equivalent to our present control behind the operation and maintenance personnel. And now the information is not only in the delivery, in the search and delivery, the way of delivery is changing, the channel of information access is changing. The arrival of the Internet artificial intelligence era makes it easier to obtain information.

Search engine is a search channel that people can’t do without, such as Sogou search, and they want to get timely access to people or things around them, as well as major events, etc.. Compared to ancient times, it is greatly unnecessary to use human resources to search and investigate event information. There are also eight entrance resources, QQ browser, Sogou input method, Sogou browser, WeChat, Zhihu, etc., so that the search is no longer limited, multi-channel, convenient and fast, instant access.

In the face of a large number of users to obtain information, certain information from the vast number of advertisers, relying on artificial intelligence, Sogou search reins the intent of a large number of users to identify and analyze, and the user’s intent to better match the needs of advertisers, bringing more advertising opportunities for advertisers to deliver information to more effective users, while also improving the effectiveness of advertising. The progress and development of the times, so we have a new way to search engine search information today, and we also want to pay tribute to the hardworking people and operation and maintenance personnel from ancient times to the present for us to deliver information. Guode network as a new era of search engine promotion services, in order to be able to pass advertising information to more people who need it.

In ancient times, human beings based on the most primitive needs, the use of the basic laws of nature and human basic sensory accessibility to establish a communication system, that time the basic communication by roar. In ancient times, with the expansion of territory, people used to light beacon fires to transmit military information. People also set up post stations and sent documents on horseback. In addition, bamboo slips, bells and drums, and graphical symbols were also common means of communication at that time. In modern times, after the introduction of electromagnetic technology, people tried to use telephone, telegraph, radio communication, analog communication, etc. Before the 1990s, telephone operator was a fashionable occupation for girls.

In modern times, the need for information exchange has grown, and the invention of cell phones has allowed people to talk anytime and anywhere. Now, 5G has been fully launched commercially, and human communication technology has once again embarked on a period of rapid development. IMS is continuing to evolve from 7 billion person-to-person voice connections to 20 billion person-to-person and person-to-thing next-generation real-time audio and video connections.

The ubiquitization of communication is a major trend in the current development of audio and video communication. AIoTel (AI+IoT+Telephony) is an audio and video communication system for intelligent Internet of Things, which realizes ubiquitous multimedia intelligent communication.

Ubiquitization of communication is a major trend in the development of audio and video communication at present. The ubiquitous intelligent communication extends the human-centered communication to human- and object-centered communication for the first time, thus realizing the interconnection of all things.

Most IoT devices have low hardware cost and usually no external power supply. Therefore, IoT devices are extremely sensitive to power consumption. AIoTel adopts low-power communication protocol stack, lightweight audio and video engine, and low power consumption software and hardware solutions to meet the demand of long linkage of device terminals, realize small memory, small power consumption, and small package SDK to extend the endurance time. In addition, AIoTel adopts heterogeneous protocol access technology and heterogeneous system adaptation technology to solve the problem of rapid access to cross-system, cross-protocol and large-scale heterogeneous terminals and create a heterogeneous OS adaptation layer to help build the ecology.

Currently, AIoTel has been applied in several communication service products of China Mobile. For example, the first large-scale commercialized multiform smart communication system, Hejia Smart Talk, adopts OTT/IMS dual-domain convergence technology to empower the operator’s communication capability to multiform terminals such as TV big screen, smart speaker, visual doorbell, visual access control, visual door lock, camera, caretaker desk lamp, etc. to achieve geographical and cross-network interoperability and interaction, and create an intelligent, high-definition and convergent audio and video calling experience for users.

At the time when 5G has just been commercialized and is still emerging, with the development of 6G and other technologies, science fiction communication seems to be not far from us, such as the realization of 100% deep coverage of high-speed Internet access in the air, holographic communication that can restore multi-dimensional sensory data, millimeter-level positioning of the advanced version of intelligent industry, the realization of human data in the virtual world twin human intelligent twin, the car, various types of aircraft, cruisers and other types of The intelligent mobile manned platform that networks all kinds of manned tools such as cars, all kinds of aircraft and cruisers, etc.

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