From the new generation of communication technology 5G era, everything is connected

Now, the era of 5G is coming, are we ready? 5G era is the most important feature is the use of higher frequency band – millimeter wave, scientists told us that the higher the frequency, the shorter the antenna, 1G, 2G era antenna are visible, to 3G era antenna is already built-in (and technical progress has nothing to do with, now let Apple do a 1G cell phone antenna still has to be so long), and to 5G. We are no longer using the antenna, but the antenna matrix, the signal is no longer a full-field emission, but through the beam assignment directional emission, the signal is higher, faster and stronger. In fact, the actual network speed of 5G is about 10 times faster than that of 4G, which of course may also mean that the traffic cost of Internet access is more expensive.

5G antenna matrix, but one thing we need to understand is that the emergence of technology does not only represent the technology itself, but also causes a dramatic change in social relations. The emergence of 3G technology made mobile Internet popular, 4G technology not only made video calls popular but also led to the development of a large number of industries, a large number of mobile Internet-based enterprises began to be born, mobile client-based services flourished, Internet-based bicycle sharing services began to appear, all kinds of services to make life more convenient are due to the emergence of 4G high-speed communication network before All these services that make life more convenient were born due to the emergence of 4G high-speed communication network.

The emergence of 5G technology brings not only a faster Internet experience, but also a more convenient way to watch videos. The increase in Internet speed brings more than just a change in experience, and as with previous generations of communication technology, the next 5G era will bring a qualitative change in lifestyle due to the further rapid improvement of the network. Everything is connected in the 5G era, and due to further acceleration of network speed, 5G speed is enough to change industrial and industrial forms.

First of all, the arrival of 5G makes it possible to popularize self-driving technology. Self-driving technology has been out of reach from the very beginning to the dawn of time, and in fact, what constrains self-driving has long ceased to be the difficulty of pattern recognition. For example, all of the current fully automated terminals use automation technology, and the manager only needs to center the entire terminal through a fully automated control center for scheduling. In fact, one of the most important constraints on driverless technology today is communication latency.

For example, the same conditions of the car speed 80km/h, only 1 second of two-way delay, from the acceptance of the signal, calculate the processing results, return the results and response, the car has run out of 22 (80000/3600) meters more, this delay effect on the road only the end of the car destroyed. When the network speed is fast enough and the signal is stable enough to maintain the millisecond level delay, the distance of the same car under the same conditions is only about two centimeters. Under such conditions, remote control of autonomous driving technology is possible to really land.

Second, convenient ultra-remote service delivery technology becomes possible, and this service delivery includes but is not limited to telemedicine, tele-teaching, ultra-remote meetings, and so on. Before that, because of the existence of high latency, the effect of remote services is not very good, such as telemedicine scenarios, in the case of seconds of delay doctors use the robot arm for surgery, may be the blood vessels are soaked, hemostatic forceps have not had time to take out. But millisecond delay is much lower than the human reaction time, real-time remote services are possible, doctors are able to provide telemedicine through real-time communication, remote work through real-time signal transmission and robotic arm to achieve remote medical services, teachers are able to achieve remote teaching services through 5G communication and VR technology.

In the 5G era, the transmission speed can reach up to 10Gb per second, which means that it takes only 1 second to transmit a high-definition movie. In this case, the data transmission efficiency of remote VR (Virtual reality) services is reliably guaranteed, and the remote server can quickly transfer the data information from the cloud to the client, and even the 3D data signal can be transmitted at a very fast speed. Game scenarios with VR reality may appear for the first time in the 5G era, and we will be able to experience real VR reality games and even establish a series of unimaginable application scenarios such as remote VR meetings and virtual reality travel.

After the establishment of high-speed information and communication infrastructure, more importantly, the industrial end of the production model will also produce changes, cloud services will become a practical and reliable means of service, not only the existing network disk model, the original network disk service model is limited by the network information transmission speed is no way to make the production and service model changes, but due to the further increase in communication speed, making the storage of industrial data in the cloud becomes a more convenient option, many services become light and customizable, industrial services can be further split and hosted, the original commercial services can become rented cloud services, and through the cloud to provide customized services for customers, for example, the same commercial data originally stored in the cloud takes hours or even a dozen hours to load dozens of G of information to the server, and now it only takes seconds, that simple service providers will no longer need to buy expensive servers, but simply rent access to the data and use weak terminals to provide service operations can be customized, lighter and more efficient types of services can emerge.

In addition, in the 5G era, we can imagine a more important future scenario is the real realization of the Internet of everything, through sensor technology and high-performance communication modules, in the future, at least within the home appliance industry will rise intelligent wave, more and more household products into the era of intelligent networking, personal handheld terminals can seamlessly connect all the household electronic devices, in the future we can remotely control their own home In the future, we can remotely control a series of electronic devices such as electrical appliances in our homes, and realize intelligent management of the whole family through low-power wireless networks and sensors under the coordination of artificial intelligence.

By integrating existing Internet resources, the 5G era can bring a lot of imagination, for example, an obvious future economic model is the rise of the tracking economy, which largely solves the problem of information asymmetry, which requires a high degree of integration of blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and other technologies. Blockchain is the underlying technology model of Bitcoin, and people recognize the value of blockchain technology through Bitcoin. Simply put, blockchain technology is to ensure the traceability, stability and trustworthiness of data through moderate decentralization and redundant structure. Of course, due to the unsoundness of infrastructure, all blockchain technologies are extremely inefficient at present and far from meeting the requirements of commercialization, but it is undeniable that when the 5G era comes and blockchain technology matures, the new traceability economy will be a big piece of cake. Life will also bring great convenience, as our personal terminals can be networked in real time, in the future, due to the popularity of blockchain technology any effective commodity can be traced through block tracking, each commodity can find its whole series of information such as producer, production time, handlers, etc. Even second-hand commodity transactions can know the whole production experience of different parts of any commodity, the overhand transaction As long as the real information and the real name registration of the block information are realized, all the personal announcement and will declaration services can be realized on the network at a very low cost, and all these data can be checked on the network in real time, and the personal home equipment can be checked in real time through microchips and sensor technology at a very low cost. Personal home devices can be uniquely identified through microchips and sensor technology at a very low cost, and people can realize mutual trust at a very low cost.

All in all, the 5G era is not just about faster speeds, but about a huge change in new industrial production and social life patterns due to further infrastructure enhancements, and the new changes must be more than the changes I’ve described and will come in ways we don’t expect.

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