The role of online media for the tourism industry – awareness, promotion and development goals

The influence of online media on the development of tourism industry is becoming more and more obvious. In response to the problem of online media application in tourism industry, we are looking for strategies to use online media for tourism development in three aspects: awareness, propaganda and development goals.The globalization of information makes the communication all over the world become more and more frequent. Network media is a form of media developed based on computer technology and Internet technology, which has the characteristics of rapid and wide communication, and provides a new channel for information exchange. In the current form of society, tourism, as the main way for people to enrich their spare time, has developed into the most popular leisure project all over the world. The change of network media has just laid a solid foundation for the development of tourism, promoting the transmission of all kinds of information, and it is all over the world that all kinds of information can be realized effectively. The development of online media has an increasingly obvious impact on the development of tourism, and currently tourism bureaus around the world are actively strengthening the application of various online media, using them to promote their own tourism advantages, and using them to solicit suggestions for tourism development.

The influence of network media on tourism development.

The rise of the tourism industry is related to the change of people’s lifestyle and consumption. Currently, people pay more and more attention to the quality of life, and they are more and more fond of tourism as a form of leisure after work and life, and delivering tourism resources to the audience and attracting tourists all over the world requires the use of various media, among which the network media plays an important role in communication. The role of online media in promoting the development of tourism is mainly manifested in the coverage of tourism-related information by various online media. In the process of online media propaganda, tourists are able to have a deeper understanding of the tourism region through various news contents, thus promoting the rapid development of local tourism. Compared with traditional communication media, online media is favored by the tourism industry because of its broader scope and wider communication channels. The information dissemination of network media can create more business opportunities for the development of tourism industry, attract tourists to come, attract investment, etc. These opportunities can promote the level of competition in the tourism market to continuously improve. The role of network media in promoting tourism development is mainly reflected in the continuous development and application of Internet technology, which makes the transmission of various information faster and more convenient, and helps relevant departments to deliver tourism-related information in a timely and rapid manner, thus promoting tourism development. The network media provides the basis of information transmission for tourism development, but also a kind of supervision and management of tourism development, the network media reports, so that more and more people begin to pay attention to tourism, to visit the attractions, which on the one hand has driven the local economic development, but at the same time also increased the local pressure, such as traffic pressure, accommodation pressure, etc., these problems are the process of tourism development should be solved Problems. In the process of tourism reporting, each network media also invariably put forward new requirements for the development of tourism, in order to improve the service, the local will strengthen the improvement of various tourism infrastructure, so that the local tourism economic level continues to improve. This shows that the network media has a very important significance for the development of tourism.

The strategy of using online media to promote tourism development.

Raise the awareness of tourism staff to the network media.Tourism industry development process, relying on a variety of tourism resources, the tourism resources excavated, if not effectively promoted, will only make these resources buried. In the process of tourism development, the marketing staff’s awareness of promotion is very closely related to the development of tourism. For the promotion of tourism, the relevant personnel first need to master the local tourism resources, have a relevant understanding of various attractions, tourism culture and other content, so as to be able to form a detailed publicity ideas and veins, so as to provide rich resources for the network media, and network media for cooperation, can form a comprehensive publicity system, so as to show the local tourist attractions to the outside world. Second, the process of tourism development, marketing personnel and journalism practitioners should have a high degree of professional ethics, not to attract tourists, will be some false information released, not to mention excessive beautification of tourism resources, so as not to mislead tourists, so that both sides produce unnecessary disputes. At present, many regions in the development of tourism, publicity awareness has begun to enhance, but the degree of grasp of tourism resources publicity and reporting is still not enough, many people did not find the breakthrough point of news publicity, not combined with the advantages of network media to show a variety of resources, so the future development process, on the one hand, to strengthen the training of tourism promotion personnel around the news awareness, on the other hand, but also to Strengthen the journalism practitioners to dig tourism news, so that they can often go to the grassroots, and local interface, to discover more excellent resources, to provide tourists with more opportunities to choose.

Strengthen the network media to promote the tourism region.Network media publicity is an important way to promote the rapid development of tourism, and with the rapid development of information technology and the Internet, network media play an increasingly important role in various media reports. When using online media to promote tourism, we should strengthen the excavation of tourism hot spots and grasp the characteristics of each place to promote, so that more people can have a better understanding of tourist attractions. The specific can start from two aspects: First, the use of online media to carry out network research. Traditional market research is mainly through the issuance of questionnaires to collect information, consuming more human, financial and material resources, in the process of the Internet technology continues to be applied, the network media can also be used for market research, and can obtain a richer information resources to understand the needs of the public. For example, through the new media platform to publish questionnaires, in some microblogging graphics or WeChat graphics embedded in the survey content, and in the background of the feedback of tourists to summarize the information, the needs of tourists for statistical analysis, for example, a scenic spot in the survey of the quality of service in the scenic area, tourists according to their own experience on the service of the staff of the scenic area to make objective evaluation, and put forward suggestions and comments. It helps the scenic spot management to strengthen the service work, improve the service level of the scenic spot and attract more tourists. Second, to strengthen the application of the advantages of the network media communication. The network is the most rapidly developing media carrier, through the network, people can get all kinds of information in time, can learn about the other side of the world, so the network news become an important platform for tourism publicity and promotion. You can design a special tourism website, publish tourism-related information on the website, attract tourists and promote the rapid development of tourism through a characteristic website design.

Strengthen the clarity of tourism development goals.Tourism is an important element in the process of urban economic development, which can bring huge economic benefits. Traditional tourism development is mainly to introduce people to the scenic features, scenic services, and facilitate people to conduct sightseeing tours. And the modern tourism industry development concept, tourism has not only sightseeing, tourism industry to achieve deeper development, to combine historical and cultural, humanistic features, etc., to enrich the tourism industry, so that people in the process of tourism, but also to receive historical and cultural inculcation, to promote the inheritance and development of China’s history and culture. Therefore, in the process of tourism industry development, to create local characteristics as well as mining highlights as a breakthrough point. For example, some regions that develop rural tourism have developed ethnic folk culture tours that integrate food, accommodation, observation and tourism, and some regions have also set up field farms to let tourists experience the feeling of returning to the farming era. These novel tourism methods, after being reported by the network media, have gradually been taken as experiences and passed around, making many regions with similar resources also start to strengthen the excavation of local advantageous resources, thus The level of local tourism economy has been rising.

Strengthen the supervision of online media reports.In the process of tourism construction, outside supervision is essential, and there may be some false news in the network media, which may be misleading to the public. (Therefore) in the actual development process, we should actively strengthen the supervision of online media, so that the news reported by various online media is true, effective and reliable, so that the image and actual situation of the tourism area can be truly displayed, and prevent some wrong information from appearing in various online media to promote the healthy development of tourism. To sum up, in the process of tourism development, network media is a very important media carrier, network media can realize the in-depth excavation and display of various tourism resources, and also can deliver this information to any area in the world where there is a network. Currently many regions in the process of tourism development also strengthen the awareness of various network media, began to strengthen the use of network media, in the future development process, should also pay attention to grasp the characteristics of network media, the formation of a perfect propaganda system, so as to form the rapid development of promoting tourism.

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