The “Internet + tourism” brings cross border integration

“Internet + tourism” involves the government, enterprises, academia and research forces, organic combination of efficiency multiplier, disorderly addition may be internal consumption. In order to get rid of the vicious circle of “build on the rise, the failure and desolation”, the formation of a new situation to promote high-quality development of the industry, the need for a new development concept.

At present, around the accelerated promotion of “Internet + tourism”, tourist destinations to play the smart tourism, digital, “cloud tourism” and other marketing concepts, tourists more expect technology and service innovation. But it is undeniable that, in addition to additional online platforms and mobile applications, to achieve reservations, guided tours, online experience and other functions, more breakthroughs are needed.

Many exploration, the government, tourism enterprises, technology service providers and research institutions reached a new consensus: “Internet + tourism” is not a quick-acting adhesive, but cross-border integration, step by step to complete the process of resource accumulation. Here, the government needs to come up with practical, pragmatic and flexible policy guidelines to support alignment; tourism destinations need to meet the needs of tourists as the center, take stock of technical points, comprehensive planning, and solid promotion; various service providers need to grasp the deep-seated needs of the tourism industry and provide reasonable and feasible technical solutions; it also requires the industry involved to promote the integration of smart tourism into the construction of smart cities, and to connect culture and tourism with public security, transportation, meteorology and other departments of relevant data and information, Meteorology and other departments of relevant data information, improve the underlying data, the formation of a real big data system, and ultimately let the cloud concept land, drive diversified consumption.

The reporter learned that, as of December 2020, the most positive feedback from the users of Meituan reached 20,000 words; and the highest interaction rate of an evaluation has 6,805 messages, people have a very intense discussion on the scenic tour strategy and why it is fun.

The love and enthusiasm of tourists are being transformed into real and visible data through “Internet+”. From not knowing the user’s intention, to accurately grasping the user’s preference and finally completing the experience design, tourist destinations are turning tourists’ word-of-mouth into brands through “Internet+”.

“At present, the cultural tourism industry to provide tourists with service experience links, the lack of relatively effective analysis management and optimization tools. The online reservation is a very important basis and means to achieve quantitative and fine management. By digitizing users and user behavior, we can know how to protect the basic interests of users, how to design a better user experience process, and how to optimize the service links, so that the information on dynamic changes in scenic spots can be delivered to tourists in a timely and effective manner, and visitors can have reasonable expectations.” The person in charge of Meituan said that the industry needs to form a rapid response capability, the first time to find problems, help solve problems, promote accurate matching of supply and demand, optimize the visitor experience. Meituan has already explored a lot in helping the development of “Internet + tourism”, including information, services, security management and new marketing models such as super group purchase, live pre-sale, etc., to play the advantages of the Internet to support the rapid iteration and upgrading of tourism services and products.

Around to meet the needs of the main market, China Association of Trade in Services Culture Tourism Branch Secretary General Li Mo Yan has his own thinking, “the main consumer crowd is getting younger and younger, the demand for tourism is not just a great river and mountain card stamp collection, but the pursuit of interesting, meaningful, and gain.” Li Mo Yan said, should start from the content, media, service, in the “Internet + tourism” trend, seeking new development.

Media level, the new crown pneumonia epidemic forced the tourism industry to find opportunities in crisis, Internet platform companies set off a bottoming tide. Overview of the drop layout of the caravan tour industry chain, Gao De video fun line through the merchants, Meituan to increase the code of intelligent scenic spot input and coupons, the influx of traffic is undoubtedly a strong agent to drive consumption. However, the deep logic behind the fire is still to find the cultural travel segmentation industry under its own positioning, that is, the ‘Internet +’ plus point. “Each Internet platform has its own characteristics, cultural tourism iterative breakthrough development needs to be the combined efforts of the wisdom of all parties, rather than a simple combination.” Li Mo Yan said.

Content and service is the root of the tourism industry. Take Jingdezhen Fuliang County as an example, Li Mo Yan analysis, Fuliang porcelain tea culture and life scenes through digital technology migration to Netease large game “against the water cold” is just the beginning. The subsequent creation of special lines, special product design marketing, derivatives development, etc. is a long-term process. Similar to areas with rich historical deposits, combined with the refinement of modern elements, the enhancement of services is fundamental to the new consumption, new models and new dynamics of cultural tourism. On this basis, the flow of different platforms injected in order to complete the industrial transformation.

In a word, “Internet + tourism” is developing, and it is urgent to improve the structure and details. Contradictions and problems are inevitable and require timely policy guidance, prompting rational input from the industry. As advocated in the “National “Internet+Tourism” Development Report (2021)” jointly released by the Department of Resource Development of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the China Tourism Research Institute (Data Center of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism) recently, cultivating new “Internet+” subjects and building New pattern of intelligent tourism. To cultivate a broader consumer base, the future “Internet+Tourism” belongs to digital technology service providers who create a better life and consumption scenario for tourists; to build future-oriented market players and strengthen the deep integration of technology, culture and tourism enterprises; to implement more targeted policy measures and regularly assess the impact of the Internet and digitalization on The impact of the Internet and digitalization on the tourism industry should be regularly evaluated.

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