The impact of the Internet on my life payment methods

Entered the Internet era, I believe that many times you do not go to accept the Internet you will be eliminated Now with the development of the Internet, many physical stores are beginning to be eliminated, began to look for a new way out of society to mankind have produced a significant value, many people have changed their life path through the Internet this road, the Internet has the greatest impact on human life is the network shopping, after 2000 Taobao began After 2000, Taobao began to enter the public eye, many brick-and-mortar businesses began to their products photographed on Taobao to put online, but only a very small number of new network humans are willing to use the network shopping, more people choose to store in physical stores, that physical shopping is safer and more real. The distrust of shopping stems from the instability and novelty of the Internet shopping industry, as well as the inherent distrust of the Chinese people, who are not willing to pay for items they have not yet gotten their hands on, and merchants are not willing to mail goods to buyers who have not paid. The birth of “Alipay” cannot be said to be the best backing for online shopping in the technological revolution, Alipay is currently a commonly used online payment platform in China. Ltd. is the leading independent third-party payment platform in China, founded by the world’s leading B2B website¬† Alibaba Group. Alipay is committed to providing “simple, secure and fast” online payment solutions for Chinese e-commerce. Alipay transaction service was launched on Taobao in October 2003, and Alipay’s concept of building trust, simplifying the complexity and improving the credit system with the innovation of technology has won the hearts of people. In just three years, users have covered the entire C2C, B2C, and B2B sectors. As of August 20, 2007, the number of users using Alipay has exceeded 47 million, and the total daily transaction amount of Alipay has reached 150 million RMB, with more than 780,000 daily transactions. Since its establishment in 2004, Alipay has always taken “trust” as the core of its products and services. It not only ensures the safety of online payment from the product, but also allows users to build mutual trust between networks through Alipay, which is a very meaningful step towards establishing a pure Internet environment. Alipay’s innovative product technology, unique concept and huge user base attract more and more Internet merchants to actively choose Alipay as their online payment system.

Alipay, a technology industry, provides a secure platform for online shopping and adds a layer of mutual trust for human beings, bringing convenience and humanistic care at the same time. For the network shopping provides a good mutual trust platform, China’s electronic payment industry is just starting, with the precedent of Alipay, China’s network shopping will certainly be safe and honest development, for more people to accept, for human beings to bring more convenient.

The disadvantages of online games, not because I believe that as long as contact will be persecuted by it, but really because the resulting breeding of all aspects of the criticism is indeed a shame.

Let’s analyze the main causes of these ills. On the one hand, the imperfect education system is the source. Children who are under excessive pressure to study and young people who are burdened with life also need a relatively free world to reduce stress, and online games are one of the most common and accessible platforms. On the other hand, the two characteristics of online games – profitability and borderlessness – amplify the ambitions of online game developers, thus further enhancing the attractiveness and allure of online games to Internet users. The profitability of online games is reflected in the payment regulations of paid online games and the revenue of peripheral products of free online games, as well as the development of a series of industrial chains such as game development, operation and sales, which in turn generate huge and coveted profits. The borderless nature of online games has largely realized the sharing of network resources in the world, but some unscrupulous businessmen take this as a loophole to make some games containing pornography, violence and other vulgar interests to invade the online game market in China unscrupulously. Due to the lack of provisions in our laws to adapt to this situation, the punishment of laws and regulations is not strong enough, and the cost of breaking the law is low, these games that attract players’ eyes with discordant factors have no scruples in the virtual market, and it is difficult to have fear of the law, which is one of the important reasons why online games have bad effects on game participants.

Everything has two sides, and we should look at online games with a dialectical perspective. The positive influence of the network on people’s ideological and moral quality is mainly reflected in the fact that the network has become an important position for ideological and political education, and young people visit these websites and participate in the activities carried out by the websites, which help to enhance the consciousness of patriotism and love for the Party, and help to strengthen the consciousness and status of moral subjects. The positive influence of the Internet on people’s intellectual quality is mainly reflected as follows: the openness and convenience of the Internet, the diversity and wide range of contents provide people with a broad space for learning, greatly broaden people’s avenues of knowledge, and help them broaden their horizons and promote their studies; the Internet can provide people with a free, relaxed and stress-free learning environment, which helps them cultivate and give full play to their innovative abilities; the Internet The Internet is a vast space where many new and unknown things exist, which helps people develop their potential.

The positive influence of the Internet on people’s physical quality is mainly reflected in the fact that it is most convenient for people to obtain certain medical and health knowledge and general knowledge of physical exercise through the Internet. The positive influence of the Internet on people’s psychological quality is mainly reflected in the following: the Internet provides a relatively relaxed environment for people to vent their bad emotions, and educators can effectively help people to relieve their worries and doubts through online chatting; the Internet brings great convenience for people to master mental health knowledge, conduct mental health condition self-assessment, psychological consultation, understand psychological hospitals, psychologists, mental health research developments and seek medical appointments, etc. The Internet makes it possible to respect and satisfy people’s individuality in study, life, and entertainment, which helps people develop a good personality.

The positive impact of the Internet on people’s social adaptability is mainly reflected in the rapid development of Internet technology and the speed of information transmission, as well as the new interpersonal relationship of equality between human and machine, which helps to inspire and guide people to develop and form modern concepts such as learning, efficiency, equality and openness.

The development of the Internet is a double-edged sword. Human beings live in the real life and also in the virtual network life, and in the rapid development of the Internet today, we should maximize the advantages and convenience brought by the Internet and minimize or even eliminate the disadvantages brought by the Internet. Let the development of technology for human life.

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