The impact of changes in payment methods on daily life

In ancient times, people exchanged items with items. Slowly people thought it was too much trouble to exchange in this way, so they used fine shells as money to exchange items. With the development of society, people’s smelting technology was improved, and metal began to appear instead of shells to serve as currency, which was easy to carry. The further expansion of socialization led to the emergence of many different currencies, which people felt were troublesome. After Qin unified the six states, the government began to cast a unified copper currency, which was easy to carry and solved the trouble that the diversity of currency was not conducive to transactions. In the Song Dynasty, where commerce flourished, paper money emerged that was even more portable. By the Ming Dynasty, silver was considered more valuable and was made to act as a currency for transactions. With the frequent international exchanges, some foreign currency mechanisms were introduced, and the silver dollar emerged. By the time New China was founded, the familiar RMB was born. With the development of technology, bank cards and credit cards were widely used in life, making the business of banks break through the limitations of time and space. After entering the 21st century, the development of electronic banking and the emergence of mobile payment, people’s payment methods have been changing from paper money to electronic money.

With the development of electronic money, people are spared a lot of trouble. People can buy many things they like on the internet, such as clothes, food, etc., and they can pay with their cell phones. This saves you a lot of time by not having to go to the mall. People can also use cell phones to pay for utilities and gas bills, which take a lot of time to queue up. When friends go together to get together, when paying, instead of going one by one to order the amount, it is convenient to pay directly by cell phone, without looking for money and without making mistakes.

The idea one is: start with the emergence of money, first write the journey of money, to the current mobile payment, write the benefits of mobile payment from several aspects, for example, food, clothing, housing and transportation. The risks of mobile payment, such as theft, are summarized, and it is important to be aware of self-protection to prevent theft while it is convenient to use. This idea is a vertical progressive development, with the journey of money to begin with. The second idea is: the horizontal statement, mainly write the benefits and good and bad points, because the rapid development of mobile payment, there will be a lot of problems, for example, mobile payment terminal problems, information leakage, and other problems.

With the development of society, all aspects of people’s lives are changing a lot. In terms of transaction methods related to people, there are also radical changes. From the very early exchange of goods and things, to a common currency symbol instead of barter in recent times, such as paper money, cards, etc., to the current electronic payment (mobile payment), that is, virtual money, but also to bring people unprecedented payment convenience.

With the popularity of mobile payment, people have been greatly improved in both travel and life. With the emergence of the more famous Alipay, WeChat Pay, bank apps and other third-party payments, people can go wherever they want as long as they carry a cell phone with them, without having to worry about carrying a lot of cash. For example, if you want to travel to a place, you can book accommodation, buy tickets, and other things in advance on the internet, all of which require mobile payment, and it can be said that without mobile payment, a lot of time would be wasted to do so. Save time, is equivalent to indirectly save money, is a beautiful thing ah. Friends to get together, you can initiate the AA payment method, do not have to raise cash one by one, direct transfer, convenient and fast, there will be no loss and error. There are also annual red envelope activities, is now very hot a national entertainment project, although each person to grab the amount of red bar is not a lot, we are also very happy, expensive in the participation.

Nowadays, third-party payments have items that can manage money. People can use their extra money to buy financial items in their spare time, which is also a way to use the money wisely. In the case of stocks, the return is high, but also the risk is the highest, even for professionals, but not necessarily to guarantee a perennial return. National bonds, money funds are not very high yielding though, and at the same time do not require a lot of professional knowledge to purchase, and are relatively cost effective. All of these can be achieved through third-party payment of financial items, saving a lot of trouble.

Face payment, fingerprint payment, biometric payment and a series of novel payment methods will continue to emerge along with the application of new technology, the current two-dimensional code based payment methods will also receive a big impact, in giving people the novelty of embodiment, but also more convenient for people’s lives. Unmanned convenience stores, unmanned vending cabinets and other new retail methods are the primary prototype of the change in payment methods, with the development of technology, these will also slowly spread to people’s daily lives, convenient for people to buy items. The change of payment methods has brought people into a brand new era of development.

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