Digitization in the Internet Age: Empowering Teacher Workforce Development in the Age of Intelligence

How then to cultivate such digitally distinctive teachers with digital characteristics in the smart era? The fundamental path is to adhere to an application-driven approach [6], promote the widespread use of new digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing in teacher training, and promote the deep integration of new technologies with teacher education in terms of subject construction, environmental layout, resource construction, teaching methods, parenting models, and cultural creation.

In terms of specific promotion strategies, we can promote the digital construction of teacher education from “five dimensions”.

Discipline dimension: Promote the construction of discipline platform of AI+education. The construction of disciplines is the precursor and leader of teacher training and teacher education reform. In order to meet the major strategic needs of education reform in the smart era, we actively consider the construction of a new system of pedagogical discipline construction in the smart era.

First, it is necessary to integrate the school’s advantageous discipline resources, insist on the education discipline as the main body, with psychology and information science as the support, and promote the major educational theory innovation for the information era. Secondly, we need to focus on the dual drive of “artificial intelligence+” and “big data+”, align with the international academic frontier, national major needs, and face the main battlefield of local economy and society, build a number of problem-oriented, project-driven and system-guaranteed interdisciplinary crossover research platforms, and build “artificial intelligence+”. The research platform, the construction of “artificial intelligence + education” integrated research platform. Third, we should break through the key technologies of education data and artificial intelligence education, carry out R&D and innovation of intelligent education technology, carry out basic, forward-looking and multidisciplinary cross-fertilization innovation research, and focus on solving common key problems in the field of intelligent education. Fourth, to implement intelligent education application demonstration, with the help of 5G, big data, artificial intelligence and other new technologies to promote the role of the construction of intelligent teaching platform, to explore the deepening of “artificial intelligence + teacher education” teacher training system reform, to promote the transformation and innovation of information-based teaching. Fifth, we should promote intelligent technology-enabled education evaluation reform and serve national education policy and governance. In short, through the construction of the main education reform experimental zone, intelligent education innovation platform, education think tank platform, teacher development collaborative innovation platform and other platforms, we will conduct theoretical research and practical exploration in the fields of education theory innovation, information technology teaching change and application, education information technology innovation, and teacher education innovation, so as to provide disciplinary support for teacher education reform in the intelligent era, and use AI + education discipline construction innovation to lead digital teacher education reform and excellence in teacher training innovation, and to contribute to the construction of the teaching force in the new era.

Environmental dimension: building an intelligent and immersive digital campus environment. The digital construction of teacher education needs to effectively promote the construction of “digital campuses” and provide a solid “digital base” for building a high-quality education system with strong technological innovation and application capabilities. In general, we need to build a digital learning environment on campus, integrate and form a demonstration center for the integration of information technology and education teaching, and build an integrated education ecosystem in the cloud with application-driven guidance, big data center construction as the basis, one-stop experience as the feature, and excellent integration cases as the leader.

Specifically, firstly, the campus network should be optimized to achieve wired, wireless and 5G network coverage and substantially improve the quality of education network. Second, we should build smart classrooms with online and offline integration, virtual and real integration, and digital learning platforms with “cloud integration”, create learning spaces with organic integration of physical space, resource space and social space [8], build ubiquitous learning environments in the classroom and outside the classroom, and fully support the organic integration of learning resources, learning activities, learning processes and learning data. learning data and other organic integration. Third, we should strengthen the capacity building of the data center, develop an intelligent, fast and comprehensive learning analysis system, and establish an efficient, safe, flexible and agile intelligent operation and maintenance guarantee system.

Resource dimension: Construct a digital resource system that supports first-class teacher education. First, school teaching resources should be reconstructed. According to the idea of combining independent development and introduction of sharing, we will develop specifications for digital curriculum resources built by classification, realize the construction of standardized digital resources, establish a curriculum access mechanism, and design and develop three types of learning resources, including curriculum resources, special resources and expanded resources, to meet the diversified learning needs of teacher education students. Second, expand the scale of resource supply. Promote the diversified supply of school curriculum resources, combine with the work of the Ministry of Education’s “Double Million Plan” to create online, offline, hybrid, virtual simulation and social practice “five types of golden courses”. We will also build MU resources, create influential online open courses, and build a “micro-professional” [9] certification course system consisting of a series of courses. Introduce the resources of physical scenarios and practical training operations supported by big data, virtual reality and artificial intelligence to form a diversified and three-dimensional digital education resource system. Third, improve the mechanism of continuous common construction and sharing of resources. Integrate various types of educational resources, establish a mechanism for accumulating learning achievements based on credits, explore the implementation of a system of certification, accumulation and conversion, and realize the “vertical connection and horizontal interoperability” between different levels of talent training systems. Innovative resource service mechanism, by improving digital resource construction standards and certification indexes, introducing third-party quality forces to participate in digital resource development, activating internal resources, and enriching professional resource construction teams, we explore digital resource supply mode and service mechanism suitable for school characteristics.

Education dimension: building a digital excellence teacher training system. “Artificial intelligence has changed the goal of talent training and redefined the way of knowledge creation. Teachers are no longer the only source of knowledge …… In addition to imparting knowledge, the core value of teachers lies in ‘educating people.’ ” To “tap into the future of artificial intelligence-enabled teachers and teacher education development mechanisms. Schools should improve teachers’ information literacy as a whole, use information technology to transform teacher education and teaching training models, create digital environments, use big data platforms to accompany the collection of classroom teaching and learning behavior data, data analysis to support changes in teaching methods and approaches, promote cross-fertilization of disciplines, and implement digital excellence in teacher training. In terms of the essential educational response formed by the integration of smart new technologies with education and teaching, there are generally two educational effects, “First, the use of smart machines to improve teaching effectiveness. Second, to develop students’ ability to use and harness intelligent machines. The former is reflected in the construction of “smart classroom, smart campus, smart management system, and personalized smart learning system”; the latter is reflected in a series of courses to enhance students’ smart education ability.

In order to implement the teacher excellence training program, we should systematically develop the training standards for digital excellence teachers, clearly propose the characteristics of digital excellence teacher training, propose the training model for digital excellence teachers, scientifically construct the training platform, continuously carry out the training practice, and scientifically evaluate the training effectiveness. We can explore the construction of a new digital excellence teacher training system in accordance with the “five integration” approach. First, information literacy is integrated into the training standards; second, intelligent technology is integrated into the teaching environment; third, cross-discipline is integrated into the curriculum; fourth, collaborative mechanism is integrated into the practice process; and fifth, data-driven is integrated into the teaching evaluation. The digital excellence teacher training system should be characterized by “five systems and one feature”, i.e., including teacher moral cultivation system, curriculum cultivation system, ability practice system, collaborative education system and comprehensive evaluation system, with distinctive information characteristics. The outstanding teachers of the new era should have excellent teacher ethics, outstanding subject competence, excellent practical foundation, and solid information literacy.

Cultural dimension: construction of digital party construction, thinking and management system of culture. The construction of cultural system is the ultimate goal of talent cultivation system in universities. The ultimate goal of teacher team construction and the cultivation of new digital excellence teachers is to strive to accumulate and form a culture of excellence and leading teacher education talent cultivation. In the process of digitally empowering teacher team construction to promote teacher education reform.

To take advantage of the application of education information technology in talent training and ideological and political work, establish the “integrated” concept of education, actively respond to the new characteristics and changes of educators, educated, educational process and educational environment in the intelligent era, and explore the ideological and political work “virtual + reality The new features and new changes of educators, educators, educational process and educational environment in the intelligent era, exploring the “virtual + reality” and “online + offline” integration of ideological and political work, and promoting the maximum integration of educational resources, the optimal innovation of educational methods and the maximum effect of education. To grasp the characteristics of information-based schooling and the laws of the times, make full use of the advantages of education information-based schooling to build “concentric circles of online and offline nurturing”. “We should focus on the structural changes of the education system driven by artificial intelligence, scientifically govern the education ecosystem, promote “artificial intelligence to reshape the education process”, and “build a sustainable and benign education ecosystem supported by artificial intelligence. ecosystem supported by AI.” Promote the deep integration of information technology and ideological and political work, and promote the reform and innovation of ideological and political work in the context of information technology. This includes gradually promoting the informationization of the party building work platform, implementing the “one table” project and “one-stop” service for party building, and exploring the use of “Internet+” to realize the informationization of party member management. Actively create micro party lessons, micro video, micro animation and other new party building carriers. Improve the construction of organization websites, special web pages for learning and education, the public number of the Party School WeChat and the information management system for Party members, and establish a sound information platform for Party building.

In addition, it will strengthen the construction of digital management service nurturing system, optimize student affairs services, refine the service process, and promote the construction of information platforms such as orientation system, student awards, psychological assistance, and study help. We will build an intelligent student community, rely on community counselors, building managers and dormitory managers to implement refined management, promote digital-based “one-stop” services, strengthen education on fire prevention, fraud and theft prevention, and promote the construction of civilized communities. Explore the use of big data to scientifically analyze the dynamics of students’ thoughts and behaviors and their learning and living conditions, and effectively provide educational guidance and targeted assistance. Strengthen financial support for education, relying on big data analysis, according to the level of student difficulties, to achieve scientific identification, tiered funding, accurate help.

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