Features of Internet+ Education

Internet+ is a concept extended on the basis of quality education and the continuous innovation of Internet development work. The article provides a detailed analysis of the characteristics of Internet+ education and the challenges brought to teachers’ professional development in the context of Internet+ education, with the aim of exploring the ways of teachers’ professional development in the context of Internet+ education in order to promote teachers’ professional development.

At a time when China’s Internet technology is constantly developing and innovating, Internet+ education is the most advanced educational tool for education work in China. Internet+education mainly uses the Internet as the carrier of education work, transforms the traditional oral teaching method, effectively integrates the Internet into all aspects of education work, and pays more attention to the independent learning ability of learners, which not only breaks the limitation of time and space in traditional teaching, but also transforms the development of education work. How to try to overcome the challenges in the context of Internet+ education and promote the development of enterprises has become an important issue in the work of teacher development. In this paper, we will conduct a detailed study on the professional development of teachers in the context of Internet+ education.

Internet+ education is a close integration and articulation between the traditional education industry and the Internet. As soon as Internet+ education was proposed, the Chinese government affirmed Internet+ education. The year 2015 is a milestone for Internet+education and the first year of its official launch. Ma Huateng clearly expressed the connotation of Internet+ in “Internet+: Roadmap for National Strategic Action” and proposed the initiative that “Internet+ can be integrated into all areas of society”. The convenience, speed and equality of the Internet can effectively break the social and economic shackles and enable every industry and every person in society to have equal access to education.

Internet + education follows the trend of teaching development. At a time when the field of education is constantly developing and China’s quality education work is being carried out comprehensively, talents are the most scarce resource in today’s society, and the ability to learn independently is the most important training content in the education work. Only students with independent learning ability can meet the actual needs of the current social development and promote the progress and development of the Chinese era [2]. Internet+ education not only enables students to master the corresponding teaching knowledge by means of the Internet, but also expands students’ horizons, truly shifts students from the state of passive learning to the level of independent learning, enables students to learn knowledge independently, continuously improves students’ independent learning ability, and promotes students’ lifelong development. It can be said that Internet+ education provides a platform for students to learn and teachers to teach, effectively showing its own unique advantages.

Internet+ education adheres to the advantages of the Internet. The advantages of the Internet are fast transmission speed, flexible usage, wide coverage and numerous contents involved. Internet+education can effectively show the diversity of teaching work because it is a teaching tool derived from the Internet. At present, the forms of micro-class, catechism and flipped classroom, which are widely used in teaching work, are all active forms of teaching relying on the means of the Internet. Under the background of Internet+ education, classroom is no longer the only way for students to learn knowledge, and students can obtain a wide variety of knowledge on the Internet+ education platform anytime and anywhere. Internet+ education breaks through the limitations of time and space, and breaks the limitations of traditional teaching. Relying on the Internet, students can learn the knowledge they want to know anytime and anywhere, giving full play to the advantages of Internet teaching.

Internet+ education is widely used. In terms of the current trend of China’s development, the transformation of traditional education mode and teaching management means is an important transformation that is bound to occur in education work. With the active promotion of the Internet, Internet+education can bring more vitality to the innovation and development of teaching. Internet+education work involves many teaching contents and a very wide range of use, which can not only provide rich teaching resources for teachers, but also provide a good learning platform for students. Under the guidance of personalized teaching mode, teachers can easily access the theoretical and practical means of the latest educational methods, allowing resources outside the classroom to be integrated into the classroom, facilitating teachers to develop learning plans for different students’ learning characteristics and continuously promoting students’ personalized development. Internet+ education is a teaching activity that relies on the forms and means of big data, and in the actual operation, it often also involves decision-making in schools. Using the information resources in the Internet, integrated big data can be mined and integrated for education market trends as well as for the school’s own situation, providing powerful data and information support for education business decisions. The Internet + education platform is used in a relatively wide range of areas and can meet the common needs of people at different levels of education work.

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