Challenges to teachers’ professional development brought by Internet+ education

Challenges facing teachers’ classroom teaching. The challenges faced by teachers in the context of Internet+ education are very great, and teachers must quickly change their teaching concepts and master new teaching modes. Under the background of Internet+ education, teachers are no longer the only source of knowledge, and the authority of traditional classroom teaching has been shaken to a certain extent, which makes it necessary for teachers to combine the changes in students’ learning ideas and seek new teaching modes to guarantee the quality of classroom teaching and meet students’ deeper needs for knowledge [4]. In addition, the education industry itself is very competitive, and in the context of Internet+ education, those who master information resources hold the initiative of competition. In contrast, young teachers have an advantage over older teachers in terms of mastering Internet technologies, which makes many experienced teachers at a loss in the context of Internet+ education. Many teachers have accumulated a lot of teaching experience in their teaching career for many years and have basically fixed their own teaching format. In the background of Internet+ education, when teachers carry out teaching work, they often integrate a lot of multimedia equipment, network equipment and other resources, which play a huge role in shaking many old teachers’ traditional teaching methods, and it is more difficult for teachers to change from traditional teaching to Internet+ teaching.

The challenges faced by big data network mastery. In the era of big data, teaching resources, teaching contents and teaching expansion levels are increasing. When teachers carry out Internet+ teaching, in the process of finding teaching materials, teachers need to sift through the all-inclusive teaching materials, which poses a certain challenge to teachers’ information sifting ability. In addition, many enterprises and departments in society are actively developing information technology. The most fundamental part of information technology development is the mastery of modern technology [5]. Teachers stand on the podium all year round and even have very little free time on their own, which makes it difficult for many teachers to fully grasp the technical means of informatization and have relatively low information literacy. Teachers carrying out teaching in the context of Internet+ education must have the ability to find information, to screen information, to use information, to edit information, to recreate information, and to master information technology. However, in terms of the current level of information technology quality of teachers in China, there is still much room for improvement. To master computer skills proficiently and have profound information literacy, teachers need to constantly improve their own professional quality level, which also poses a serious challenge to their personal ability and teaching coordination ability.

Ways of teachers’ professional development in the context of Internet+ education.

Establish the concept of lifelong cooperation and adjust their knowledge structure. In the context of Internet+ education, teachers must establish a correct concept of development and practice the principle of lifelong cooperation. In the current knowledge explosion, a lot of information is developing rapidly, and the knowledge we learn often cannot keep up with the speed of knowledge updating. The ways in which students receive knowledge in the context of Internet+ education are also very extensive, and teachers, as the disseminators of knowledge, must always keep themselves up to date. Teachers must have the concept of lifelong learning and constantly enrich their knowledge through the Internet, books and other carriers to meet the requirements of their own level in the context of Internet+ education. In addition, they can also express their own opinions and expand their own learning and teaching experiences through such forms as “teachers’ knowledge learning inquiry conferences” among schools and districts. In order to ensure the enrichment of classroom knowledge and meet the healthy and comprehensive development of students, teachers should learn to self-reflect, timely reflect on classroom lectures, teachers’ independent learning and other contents, timely discover the shortcomings in teaching work, constantly update their knowledge structure, and build a ” Internet + education background knowledge update treasury”, using knowledge to promote the professional development of teachers.

Strengthen network technology and form professional information literacy. In the process of Internet+ education, the most difficult problem for teachers is the relative weakness of information literacy. Teachers can only meet the actual needs of Internet+ education if they continuously improve their professional network technology and enhance their information literacy. Each educational institution must pay attention to the role of teachers’ “computer continuing education” and establish a unified and perfect computer continuing education mechanism, so that teachers can learn new network technologies systematically and comprehensively under a unified situation, and ensure the progress of teachers’ network skills and network level. First, schools should develop a continuing education mechanism for teachers that is suitable for the development of the school in strict accordance with its own development needs, so that the school as a whole can create a good computer learning atmosphere [6]. In order to cooperate with the majority of teachers to carry out computer teaching, a professional computer continuing education service team must be created to guarantee the efficiency of teachers’ computer technology learning; secondly, the school must create a good atmosphere for teachers to innovate in teaching. Under the background of Internet+ education, teaching innovation is an essential teaching development link. Schools should actively encourage teachers to carry out teaching innovation work and develop an effective reward and punishment mechanism to make teachers ignite the enthusiasm of network course development and new teaching mode research; finally, the smooth development of Internet+ education work should be guaranteed economically. The school should actively apply to the government and higher units for the fund of “Internet+education” and continuously improve the construction of the school’s own basic network facilities, so as to lay a good foundation for teachers to carry out teaching smoothly and carry out Internet+education courses innovatively and efficiently.

Enhance teachers’ information processing skills and develop data awareness. In the context of Internet+ education, teachers must learn to use big data to process teaching information and scientific research information in a timely manner. In the background of the Internet, efficient processing of Internet information can effectively enhance teaching and improve the teaching and research ability of the majority of teachers. Therefore, teachers must enhance their information processing acumen and develop data awareness. Firstly, teachers must learn to quickly screen information, develop sensitivity and judgment to information data, and enhance the speed of information screening and strengthen their own data judgment awareness in the process of daily teaching data collection; secondly, enhance teachers’ information data processing ability. In the background of the era of big data, cloud computing and big data have emerged in numerous contents. In order to enhance teachers’ information processing ability, schools need to open relevant teaching courses so that the majority of teachers learn to use software to process big data. Clearly master data mining, regression analysis, cluster analysis, data fusion and other data processing means, and actively give teachers incentives to continuously improve the information processing ability of the majority of teachers.

In a word, Internet + education is the mainstream trend of the current development of education work. The characteristics of Internet+education are very remarkable, which can inherit the advantages of the Internet, transform the traditional teaching work solidified teaching mode, and provide more possibilities for the development of education work with wide coverage while promoting the development of teaching work. The advent of the Internet + education era has brought great challenges for teachers. To conform to the development of Internet+ education and follow the social development trend, the majority of teachers must establish the concept of lifelong cooperation, adjust their own knowledge structure, actively learn Internet technology, establish their own unique information literacy, strengthen their data processing ability, adapt to the current development of teaching work through their own efforts, and provide a more favorable environment and atmosphere for students’ learning.

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