The development status of Internet + agriculture

Internet+” represents the new direction and trend of modern agriculture development, and also provides new paths and methods for changing the way of agricultural development.The “Internet+Agriculture” is an innovation of production mode, industrial model and operation means, which has a profound impact on agricultural production, operation, management, service and other aspects of the agricultural industry chain by means of facilitation, real-time, IOT and intelligence, and provides new impetus for the development of agricultural modernization. Driven by the “Internet + agriculture”, it helps develop smart agriculture, fine agriculture, efficient agriculture and green agriculture, improve the quality, efficiency and competitiveness of agriculture, and realize the transformation from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture.

“Internet+” is the use of information and communication technology and the Internet platform, so that the Internet and traditional industries can be deeply integrated to create a new development ecology. It represents a new social form, i.e. giving full play to the optimization and integration of the Internet in the allocation of social resources, deeply integrating the innovations of the Internet into the economy and various social domains, enhancing the innovation and productivity of the whole society, and forming a new form of economic development with the Internet as the infrastructure and implementation tool.

The “Internet + agriculture” is to rely on the information technology and communication platform of the Internet, so that agriculture can get rid of the difficulties in the traditional industry, such as closed information, restricted circulation, scattered operation of farmers and lagging service system, so that modern agriculture can ride on the express train of the Internet and realize the scale operation of China’s agricultural collective economy.

Impact on agriculture. Since the reform and opening up, China’s rapid economic development has accumulated rich material conditions and technical foundation for agricultural modernization. However, the number of people employed in smallholder production for thousands of years still accounts for more than 80% of China’s agricultural workforce, and it is difficult to change this in a short period of time, which has seriously hindered the development of modern agriculture in China.

The “Internet+” has created a “crowdfunding” model for public participation, which has a profound impact on China’s agricultural modernization. On the one hand, “Internet+” promotes the specialization of labor, improves organization, reduces transaction costs, optimizes resource allocation, and improves labor productivity, which is becoming a powerful tool to break the shackles of small farm economy that restrict the modernization of China’s agriculture and rural areas. On the other hand, “Internet+” is becoming a new engine of modern agricultural leapfrog development by providing accurate, dynamic and scientific all-round information services for agricultural land rights, agricultural technology promotion, rural finance and rural management through facilitation, real-time, perception, material connection and intelligence. The “Internet + agriculture” is a revolutionary industrial model innovation, which will definitely open a big change in China’s small farm economy that has never been seen in a thousand years.

The “Internet +” to help intelligent agriculture and rural information services to improve. Intelligent agriculture realizes information perception, intelligent decision-making, automatic control and precise management of the whole process of agricultural production, which will lead to more rational allocation of agricultural production factors, more targeted services for agricultural practitioners and more scientific management of agricultural production and operation, and is an important feature and basic direction of modern agricultural development in the future. The “Internet +” integrates intelligent agricultural technology system and rural information service system, and helps to greatly enhance intelligent agriculture and rural information service.

The “Internet+” helps to integrate two markets and two resources at home and abroad. Based on open data, open interfaces and open platforms, “Internet+” builds a kind of “ecological synergistic” industrial innovation, which can help eliminate the double pressure faced by domestic and foreign agricultural market circulation in China, coordinate the two markets and resources of Chinese agricultural products at home and abroad, and improve agricultural competitiveness, It provides a set of creative solutions for eliminating the dual pressure on the circulation of Chinese agricultural products at home and abroad, integrating the two markets and resources of Chinese agricultural products at home and abroad, and improving agricultural competitiveness.

The “Internet+” helps to integrate the “six industries” in agriculture and rural areas. The “Internet+” takes the integration and cross-reorganization between one, two and three industries in rural areas as a path to accelerate the extension of agricultural industry chain, multi-functional development of agriculture, expansion of the scope of agricultural categories and transformation of the agricultural development mode, and provides information for the creation of “six industries” that integrate one, two and three industries in urban and rural areas. “new industry, providing information network support environment.

“Internet +” to help agricultural science and technology mass entrepreneurship and innovation of the new situation. To “Internet +” on behalf of a new generation of information technology to ensure national food security, ensure farmers increase income, breakthrough resources and environmental bottlenecks in the development of agricultural science and technology to provide a new environment, so that agricultural science and technology increasingly become a decisive force in accelerating agricultural modernization. Based on the “Internet +” “ecological synergy” agricultural science and technology promotion service platform, agricultural research talents, technical extension personnel, new agricultural business entities and other organic combination, to help the “mass entrepreneurship, innovation The “Internet+” will help the city to develop its own agricultural technology.

“Internet +” to help urban-rural integration and new rural construction development. “Internet+” has the advantages of breaking information asymmetry, optimizing resource allocation and reducing the cost of public services, etc. “Internet+agriculture” can radiate urban public services to the vast rural areas at low cost, and can provide innovative services across urban and rural areas for It can provide innovative services across urban and rural areas and build a new platform for the equalization of scarce public resources such as culture, education and health in urban and rural areas.

The role of Internet+agriculture. Internet+agriculture expands the space for development in terms of e-commerce. Recently, a photo circulating on the Internet visually shows the layout of major e-commerce companies in rural areas: on the facade of a village house, two huge wall advertisements are “facing each other”, on one side is “Life wants to be good, hurry to Taobao”, and on the other side is “Get rich by labor, thrifty family rely on Jingdong”. The major e-commerce companies to play their respective advantages, and actively in the field of agriculture to make a big show, undoubtedly valued “agricultural products sold online” the huge market space.

Internet + agriculture in farmers, consumers, to enhance the interconnection and interaction. Whether the seeds are healthy, whether the fertilization is appropriate, whether the picking is scientific …… consumers communicate with farmers through the Internet, the quality of reliable agricultural products can be faster and wider dissemination and promotion, the user peace of mind and reassurance, farmers save time and effort, to achieve mutual benefit.

Internet + agriculture is a major development opportunity for agricultural enterprises. The existence of the Internet allows agricultural enterprises to organize production according to sales, which is equivalent to the reorganization of the whole element of the industrial chain, which allows agricultural enterprises that “live off the sky” to minimize the risk of product sales. The Internet’s open, fast, communication characteristics will force agricultural enterprises to pay more attention to the brand, characteristics, cultural connotations, and establish the image of agricultural “century-old store.

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