The Internet helps the f development of agriculture

Internet + agriculture” is to make full use of the cross-border integration of mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things and other new generation information technology with agriculture, and innovate new products, new models and new business modes of modern agriculture based on the Internet platform. Driven by “Internet + agriculture”, we strive to create an upgraded version of China’s modern agricultural development with “information support, management collaboration, efficient output, product safety, resource conservation and environmental friendliness”.

With the development of network information technology, the Internet has entered many industries, and agricultural networks have also started to take off. Although the use of the Internet in agriculture is only the first trial, its important role in the development of China’s agricultural economy has been very clearly demonstrated.

First, the use of the Internet can promote the development of traditional agriculture to knowledge-based agriculture.

The so-called knowledge-based agriculture is the agriculture based on knowledge economy. With the arrival of the knowledge-based economy, technology and information have become the core elements of agricultural economic growth and competitiveness in the agricultural market. The rapid development of agricultural economy no longer depends only on the amount of traditional agricultural resources input, but also on the degree of modern technology application and the degree of information acquisition and application. Unlike traditional resource-based agriculture, knowledge-based agriculture relies on scientific and technological progress, the development of bioengineering and other high-tech technologies, the use of existing scientific and technological achievements and new technologies to transform traditional agriculture and promote agricultural modernization. Now, it is possible to seize this opportunity that everyone can do: short video

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Second, the use of the Internet can promote the restructuring of agriculture.

Agricultural industry restructuring means developing some kind of new industry or new product that was not there, or giving up some old industry or old product that was there. Under the conditions of market economy, such adjustment of agricultural industry structure must be market-oriented. This requires that farmers have sufficient market information to see where the future lies and to make the right adjustment decisions. Without accurate information, farmers do not have a bottom line in their hearts and do not see the hope that industrial restructuring will bring them benefits, so they would rather maintain the status quo of low efficiency than risk the ill-fated market risk of restructuring.

According to relevant information, 70% of China’s 900 million farmers have no idea what to plant and where to sell, but make decisions based on experience or intuition, as a result, the structure of agricultural and sideline products is not consistent with the structure of market demand, and it is impossible to make the agricultural industrial structure meet the requirements of modern agricultural industrial structure under the guidance of the market.

The use of the Internet can reduce costs and improve the economic efficiency of agriculture. This is manifested in four aspects: first, the Internet can reduce the cost of information acquisition and improve economic efficiency. Compared with information of other industries, agricultural information is more decentralized, complex and comprehensive. It includes not only market supply and demand information, but also scientific and technological information, meteorological information, policy information, management information, and so on. For each farmer, it is very difficult to obtain the above information in a timely manner, and the cost of obtaining information is very high. This can reduce the cost of information acquisition, find the market quickly and accurately, promote the production and sales of products, and increase economic benefits. Secondly, the economic efficiency can be improved by saving the cost of distribution.

Promote the upgrading of intelligent agriculture: “Internet+” is conducive to promoting the upgrading of intelligent agriculture, realizing accurate and intelligent management of agricultural production processes, effectively improving labor productivity and resource utilization, promoting sustainable agricultural development, and ensuring national food security.

Facilitate the development of “six industries”: It helps agriculture extend its industrial chain, create supply chains and form whole industrial chains, realize the integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, increase farmers’ income and promote the sustainable development of agriculture and rural areas. Actively promote the Internet in the production, circulation, processing, storage and transportation, sales and services of agricultural products.

Facilitate rural “dual innovation”: accelerate the construction of the national agricultural science and technology service cloud platform, build an agricultural science and technology transformation channel based on “Internet+”, and improve the transformation rate of agricultural science and technology achievements; build a comprehensive information service platform for rural science and technology entrepreneurship, and guide Science and technology talents, scientific and technological achievements, scientific and technological resources, scientific and technological knowledge and other modern scientific and technological factors to rural areas.

Helping agriculture go out: promoting the “going out” of advanced and applicable agricultural production technology and equipment in China; building a comprehensive information service platform for agricultural investment, providing various information materials such as markets, channels, standards and systems for agricultural foreign investment enterprises.

Facilitate agricultural science and technology innovation: Promote agricultural scientific research unity and collaboration, improve the capacity of independent innovation in agricultural science and technology, and support the development of modern agriculture in China. Build a service platform for sharing agricultural science and technology resources, improve the level of sharing of major agricultural scientific research infrastructure, agricultural scientific research data, agricultural scientific research talents and other scientific research resources; build an intelligent analysis platform for agricultural scientific research big data, and promote the common construction and sharing of agricultural science and technology innovation resources.

Facilitate the construction of agricultural products e-commerce: It is conducive to promoting online trading of agricultural products, electronic trading of bulk agricultural products, online trading of grain, etc., and realizing online trading of high-quality and special agricultural products as well as online retail of agricultural products.

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