The impact of “Internet+” on the transformation of industrial design industry?

Industrial design is essentially the basic way of making things in industrial society, just like the original tools made by human beings, all kinds of mass-produced products in our lives are designed to solve various kinds of real problems and provide better services to people. However, in the era of big data, diversified information channels have an extraordinary impact on industrial design, and the industrial design industry has also shown new changes under the impetus of “Internet+”.

Changes to industrial design in the data era:

Big data has led to the development and transformation of companies, and promoted the process of economic transformation and development, which has become a major sublimation to create a national competitive advantage. Big data thinking has three layers of meaning. The first layer of meaning is that big data thinking must randomly sample data for analysis, must master the complexity of data, reduce the accuracy, and must focus on understanding data relevance. The second level of meaning is to treat data as an important asset that can be appreciated, rather than just be the object of research, after the study will be put away. The third layer of meaning is that data has the function of realizing, and by mining the value of data, it can change the basis of value generation and value chain.

Big data is very important. This is because the change of thinking has caused huge business changes. In the face of thinking logic, the traditional economic system and the old business concept must keep up with the times, absorb and innovate to obey the advanced new thinking, and reorganize the business strategy and various strategies through the new thinking model. In the old information age, knocking them down is armed with the Internet big data thinking, so these formerly extremely ponderous-looking giants, just collapsed with a bang, leaving behind the sound of knowledge sigh. Yet the basis of big data thinking is the Internet, and Internet thinking is the idea of making full use of the spirit, values, technology, methods, rules, and opportunities of the Internet to guide, handle, innovate, and work. Internet thinking is relative to industrial thinking, a business democratization, a user-first, flat thinking.

It also coincides with the concept of industrial design. Both are emphasizing the direction of user-driven product design needs. This is also the design opportunity manifested in the era of big data. The big data thinking formed by user behavior habits and the rapid update of Internet thinking also allows designers to update in time to get the real feedback from users. This combination of Internet+ allows designers to make their design works more in line with the needs of users and serve the society.

In the process of “Internet+” attacking all aspects of technology, service, innovative thinking and R&D mode, all these changes are reorganized with “Internet+” as the origin, and lead the process of Industry 4.0, thus driving The transformation and upgrading of “Internet+” industrial design industry. In the case of “Internet+” industrial design industry, the role of designer itself is like a roller coaster, which starts to go down after high speed development, and the design industry is not optimistic from the market point of view, nor is it optimistic from the innovative spirit. We have caught up with the best of times, but also the worst of times. Therefore, with the deepening of the Internet model, many of our designers’ thinking patterns have also changed a lot.

First of all, the change of thinking is necessary. Long-term B-party identity to serve the more powerful A-party, designers all sources and income are based on this relationship, the designer failed to really think about what design is, he is only a product designer, but not become a lifestyle designer. What is to become a lifestyle designer, we must go deep into the life of people, like German designers or other European and American designers, not only can do product design, but also do the design of lifestyle products, display design, small product design, table and chair design, signage system design, etc. This is called lifestyle design, focus on every bit of life, and the content of lifestyle closely linked. Chinese designers, especially industrial designers, are rarely, if ever, able to do this, but in the future, diverse designs will certainly be integrated, and in the future, architecture, interior and product design will be integrated again, and we will have to retrace the path taken by Western designers. I hope to retrace this path not based on foreign theoretical systems, but based on the local, the core of which is the 12 words “Dao, the natural, the appropriate for the place, the unity of heaven and man”, which is the essence of all traditional Chinese philosophy. This is also in the era of big data, “Internet +” brought the biggest change in industrial design.

Secondly, the market has changed a lot. First, some projects are slowing down and some projects are stopped, which I think is a good thing, because we have to think clearly about the future direction of development. In the first ten years, the designers in the industrial design industry were doing design based on the needs of the Party A. Most of them lost the true nature of design. All the designs revolved around Party A, which suddenly turned out to be like a pavilion in the sky, especially unreal. When the “Internet+” comes, you will find that a lot of the original work done, a lot of systems, in fact, do not have much meaning and value. I think the design industry and designers should think about whether there are so many projects that need to be designed, especially when China’s economy is in a new normal transition period. Shouldn’t the focus of design be chosen to reduce the design waste above. Secondly, where is the value of doing design, is it for engineering projects, or is it for the production value of design, or is it for the people who need it? The social value of design is a question for designers to think about. Now the new transformation and upgrading just allows designers to stop or slow down to think about what the essence of design is.

Finally, the demand shift of designers. If a designer, or a design studio is willing to study the needs of human nature as a starting point for industrial design, when the project itself has not yet taken shape, the relevant departments should do serious induction, and the research results in a public way for the initiative to preach, when this project is realized, the success rate of its realization will be in line with the real needs of consumer users, I think this is the Internet thinking I think this is a way of transformation of designers under the mode of Internet thinking.

The “Internet+” industrial design is more of a creative + design + operation + capital model, creativity belongs to the top design thinking, sensitive perceptual response to new things, and can produce a distinctive design of new thinking. In this era of big data, “Internet+” industrial design is a very important means to make the thinking system perfect. As long as you can create a kind of industrial design products for lifestyle services, and then have a good business operation model, there will certainly be a capitalist who pays for this system to emerge. The value of industrial design can really be reflected.

The era of big data has also created more opportunities. As long as we follow the development of the times and accelerate the integration of various resources, industrial design will also usher in a broader space for development. The path of development is bound to cause significant changes in people’s interests, lifestyles and attitudes towards life. The two kinds of thinking happen to bring profound transformation and upgrade of thinking. The era of big data and “Internet+” thinking coupled with the development of industrial design industry, the fusion of the three into one, its impact is not only one of the elements, but a rather large user base. When the users use the new Internet thinking to solve the problems of industrial design, the industrial design industry is bound to generate corresponding huge changes in innovative thinking, methods and the form and development mode of the industry. This is the new impact, new challenges and new opportunities for the “Internet+” industrial design industry in the era of big data.

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