Internet makes product sales channels diversified – live streaming with goods

The development of the live broadcasting industry has not been limited to the small world of live entertainment, with the progress of the times and the development of Internet mobile technology, “live +” has become a necessary skill for various industries. Especially for this year, “live +” industry model has been further developed.At home, “live + education” online teaching method, so that children can continue to learn; spring season is gradually coming, “live + tourism” so that we do not have to go out can also enjoy the scenery around; can not shop to buy things. “Live+Shopping” brings us an intuitive shopping experience ……

The momentum of the live broadcast world is booming, live with goods, live e-commerce, live shopping, live mall, and other hot words frequently appear in our lives, in front of the old Luo live with goods debut wildly wrested 130 million, after the foot CCTV segment player Zhu Guangquan hand in hand with Li Jiaqi live attracted 120 million people around. After marveling at the huge influence of live with goods, I am also thinking deeply, as netizens say: “This is an interminable cooperation that breaks the next yuan wall.”

So what is the source code for the mall live with goods system that has been on the hot seat so often lately? Mall live system is based on the mall system and live system developed a new model of live + mall, the use of the mall live system source code, you can build a live shopping mall system platform, to achieve the shopping experience while watching live shopping, effectively improve the mall conversion rate and live platform income.

What are the basic functions needed for the live shopping with goods system? Backend php language, Android, Apple, backend management three native source code, QQ, WeChat, cell phone verification code login a variety of login methods, live + short video + shopping mall with goods multifunctional app, release short video, you can add a tripartite shopping links to jump, you can add the shopping cart goods, users can share praise comments, you can directly click to buy. Featured video, you can slide up and down to watch, you can view the video of nearby users.

Live function: open live to add live cover, live name and choose live goods, live into the live can add goods at any time, the anchor can view the reward income, users can watch the gift reward can choose the shopping cart goods to jump to buy, can chat in the live room.

Mall: merchants fill in the information to apply for certification of the mall, the background audit passed, merchants can edit store information, upload and add goods, release video and live. Private chat, system message sending, support background video upload, video recording, video editing, add live function, popular music upload. Build can be online operation, native source code, finished software, can be secondary development, provide technical support. What are the advantages of live shopping platform for shopping mall? We look at it from two perspectives: marketing and system functionality:

One: From the marketing point of view:

The use of weblebrity, celebrity, star power, in a short period of time to gather a large number of potential customers, celebrity effect to drive customer consumption. Through a one-to-many live social platform, gather a large number of potential users at low cost and high speed through channels such as inviting and sharing. Can a person to create a unique marketing scene, to achieve real-time online interaction, the emotional relationship between people and people let it add a layer of temperature between the cold goods. Connect the scene interaction and selling behavior, to achieve the experience of buying while watching.

Second: In terms of system function:

Live broadcast is a very important part of the “live with goods system source code”, but it is only a “representative function” not all functional components, for “with goods” alone, there are Live, short video, graphic details, anchor dynamics and a series of display forms, there are “PK with goods”, single person live with goods, “comment interaction with goods” and a variety of ways to bring goods.

Common features of live streaming: live streaming (paid live streaming, private live streaming, etc.), short video, continuous PK, interactive chat, membership value-added function, advertising function, distribution function, nearby function, pop-up messages ……

Live with goods, “with goods” function is “live with goods system source code” is different from the focus of ordinary live source code, in addition to retaining the live function, with goods must function: shopping cart, product window, product advertising links, wallet details, financial management, store management , merchant entry, merchandise management ……

Live with goods, refers to some Internet platforms, the use of live technology for close commodity display, consultation response, shopping guide of the new service, or by the store itself to open a live room, or by a collection of professional anchors to promote.

Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, some time ago, some places have poor transportation, offline channels are obstructed, the original not worry about the sale of agricultural prices fell, local stagnant sales, into the farmers “difficult to sell”, the public “difficult to buy” dilemma. In order to crack the fresh produce stagnation, many county governors into the live broadcast, for the local agricultural products “with goods”. A live broadcast sales of navel oranges about 60,000 pounds, 32 seconds to sell more than 6,000 local famous brand roast chicken and other news. Pindo platform data shows that up to now there are nearly 30 county governors live broadcast “with goods”. The live broadcast “with goods” not only shows a good image of grassroots cadres bending down, sinking their hearts, doing practical things, but also reflects the new skills of cadres at all levels to make good use of new media and consumer interaction.

“Live + e-commerce” as an emerging online shopping method, during the epidemic ushered in a fire of growth. Ai media consulting data show that the user scale of China’s online live industry has grown to 504 million people in 2019, with a growth rate of 10.6%, and will maintain rapid growth momentum in 2020, the user scale is expected to reach 526 million people, accounting for more than half of the Internet users. Recently, the Department of Commerce issued the “quality of Sichuan live e-commerce network traffic new highland action plan (2020-2022)” (hereinafter referred to as “the plan”). According to the plan, by the end of 2022, Sichuan will achieve annual live with goods sales of 10 billion yuan, gathering 1,000 ecological enterprises, driving output value of 100 billion yuan. at the end of March, Taobao released the “2020 Taobao Live New Economy Report”, data show that the total turnover of the national live e-commerce in 2019 exceeded 300 billion yuan, the growth rate for three consecutive years remained at more than 150%. The report also shows that Chengdu is ranked seventh among the top ten Taobao live cities in the country.

Why live streaming can fire? Live streaming with goods has interactivity and timeliness, which shortens the psychological distance between goods and users and brings a better consumer experience. Live streaming has now developed into a new industry for e-commerce in the new era, and live-streaming with goods has shown great explosiveness and is creating a new market of hundreds of billions of dollars.

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