Meet the arrival of the digital age

As Chinese society accelerates its transition to the digital age, digital technology is being fully integrated into all fields and processes of human economic, political, cultural, social and ecological civilization construction with new concepts, new business models and new modes, bringing extensive and profound impacts to human production and life. This issue of’s theoretical and academic guide focuses on the theme of “digitalization”.

With the rapid development of the Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other new generation information technology, digitalization is becoming an important means to reorganize global factor resources, reshape the global economic landscape and change the global competitive landscape, so it is necessary to follow the trend of digital development in many aspects, promote digital optimization and upgrading in various fields, deepen the ideological understanding and enhance the momentum of digital development.

Promote the integration of industrial digitization and digital industrialization. The article “Building an Efficient and Advanced Digital Intelligence Social Supply Chain” mentions that in the era of digital economy, using digital technology and services, especially a good combination of industrial digitization and digital industrialization, will become an important engine to promote consumption. On the one hand, it is necessary to empower different industries through digital technology and promote the digital transformation of traditional industries, especially the three major industries of agriculture, manufacturing and service industry. On the other hand, it is necessary to be able to form a digital economy system of the whole industry chain and create a high-level and open digital economy whole industry chain. Both to accelerate the process of data factorization. Establishing data identification, as well as standardization of data assets, data services and other transactions, including standardization in data collection, involving many aspects of data labeling, cleaning, desensitization, decryption, aggregation, and analysis. It is also necessary to promote the market-oriented reform of the elements, continuously increase the opening and sharing of data, and promote the prosperous and healthy development of data trading. It can create a market body that takes direct transactions, platform transactions, etc., and promote the trading activities of data services with data products, to make data available, invisible, controllable and measurable. At present, China has already achieved industrial clusters, but now must be upgraded on its existing basis to become a digital industrial cluster, so that it is more conducive to us to bend and overtake the developed countries to catch up with the level.

Follow the trend of digital transformation and strengthen the construction of digital government. As mentioned in the article “Promoting Functional Transformation with Digital Government Construction”, strengthening digital government construction is of great significance in accelerating the transformation of government functions and comprehensively enhancing the government’s governance capacity. Digital governance should be used to enhance the science of macro regulation and control. Digital technology is not only the basis for the development of digital economy, but also an important support to help economic governance and decision-making. In the process of economic monitoring, forecasting and decision-making, we should give full play to the important role of big data in innovating and improving regulation and control methods, and improving the timeliness and accuracy of economic operation information. To promote regulatory modernization with digital supervision. Can rely on the national integrated online regulatory platform, to strengthen the various regions and departments “Internet + regulatory” system interoperability. Actively use big data to strengthen the services and supervision of market subjects, fully deploy data resources around, various fields and industries to enhance data aggregation capabilities. To digital regulatory system construction, system platform interconnection, regulatory data convergence as an opportunity to establish regulatory cooperation and linkage mechanism. To optimize the development environment with digital services. Promote the optimization of the business environment. On the one hand, give full play to the role of data, to create a “digital intelligence” business environment. On the other hand, a comprehensive upgrade of government services to promote the optimization of the business environment to make substantial progress. Promote service model transformation. On the one hand, deepen the digital transformation, and promote collaborative governance. On the other hand, focus on the actual needs of the masses and realize the precision of public services. To enhance the efficiency of government operation with digital synergy. Improve the operational efficiency of authorities and optimize internal business processes through digital synergy.

Integrate and coordinate to promote the digital development of culture. The article “Enhancing the level of digital culture construction” mentions that with the development of network information technology, digital culture is becoming an important form of cultural development. To enhance the level of digital culture construction, several relationships need to be handled in an integrated manner. First, the relationship between digital and culture. Insist on the organic integration of digital technology and cultural prosperity, let digital technology deeply empower cultural innovation, help cultivate and promote the core values of socialism, promote the excellent Chinese traditional culture, revolutionary culture, advanced socialist culture. Second, the relationship between development and security. We should strengthen comprehensive governance in data collection and processing, transaction distribution, transmission and storage, and use management, develop relevant safety standards, and form a perfect digital culture regulatory system. The third is the relationship between common construction and sharing. On the one hand, efforts should be made to create a good atmosphere for the whole society to widely care, support and participate in the construction of digital culture. Encourage the government, enterprises, institutions and individuals to participate in the production and dissemination of digital cultural content in accordance with the law. On the other hand, we should adhere to the development of digital culture to serve the people, enrich digital culture content, innovative digital culture publishing and dissemination forms, and strive to eliminate the digital culture divide, so that the fruits of digital culture development better benefit all people. Fourth, the relationship between independence and openness. To adhere to the “introduction” and “go out” combination, strengthen exchanges and cooperation, so that more Chinese digital cultural products to the world. Fifth is the relationship between inheritance and innovation. Insist on innovation in inheritance. Accelerate the completion of the national cultural data system, and promote the mutual integration and common development of digital technology and excellent Chinese traditional culture. On the other hand, we should insist on development in innovation. Encourage and support all kinds of cultural institutions to access the national cultural network.

Take multiple measures to regulate and stimulate the healthy development of digital cultural consumption. As mentioned in the article “Vigorously Developing New Digital Cultural Consumption”, digital cultural consumption is expected to become a new growth pole of China’s cultural industry in the 14th Five-Year Plan period, but its rapid and extraordinary development will also bring a series of challenges. It is necessary to further stimulate the vitality of digital cultural consumption, smooth the domestic circulation and cultivate new engines of economic growth. First, we need to accelerate the digital transformation of the cultural industry and enrich the supply of digital cultural consumption. It is necessary to do a good job of top-level design for the integration and development of digital technology and cultural industry from the national strategic level, and accelerate the digital transformation of cultural industry and the digital construction of traditional cultural resources. Secondly, we should vigorously develop digital cultural consumption scenarios and build an efficient and inclusive digital cultural service system. Make full use of existing public cultural facilities to promote digital cultural experiences and consolidate and expand the display space for the digital innovation achievements of traditional culture. Make full use of big data and other technologies to develop rich and diverse digital cultural consumption scenes by tailoring personalized digital cultural content services for various types of mobile terminal users. Pay attention to solving the problem of unbalanced development, pay attention to the residents of the vast sinking cities, rural areas and remote areas, provide cultural services that suit the characteristics and needs of their production and life, and improve the accuracy and universality of digital cultural services. Finally, we need to encourage innovation and prudent supervision combined to build a standardized and orderly industrial development environment. It is necessary to pay great attention to the problems that appear in the market, such as the damage to consumers’ rights and interests and the network culture that undermines the mainstream social values, strengthen the dynamic supervision of the digital culture market, continuously innovate the ways and means of supervision, increase the strength of law enforcement, and continuously improve the legislative work related to the digital culture industry.

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